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Indonesia’s Chairmanship at the 43rd ASEAN Summit Able to Realize a New Era in Doing Business in Regional Countries


JAKARTA — Indonesia’s chairmanship at the 43rd ASEAN Summit is able to help realize the creation of a new era in doing business in all regional countries.

This was stated by the Chairman of the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) Arsjad Rasjid. Because indeed as the host and chairman of the ASEAN-BAC in 2023, the country is able to significantly create a solid foundation.

This foundation is very useful to make it easier for business actors to contribute more positively to regional economic development.

“We have laid a solid foundation to make it easier for business people to develop their business, create a stable and peaceful region, uphold international law and human values ​​in ASEAN,” said Arsjad.

This is an important guideline for business actors in carrying out their roles,” he added.

The Chair of the ASEAN-BAC added that so far the discussions had been in accordance with the theme carried, namely ASEAN Centrality: Innovating towards Greater Inclusivity and making the region an attractive investment and trade destination.

It is known that the agenda for the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit will be held from 3 to 4 September 2023, and on 4 September the ASEAN Business Awards will be held.

ASEAN-BAC itself also provides Policy Recommendations from each ASEAN-BAC regional country to be considered as the next step in realizing the Epicentrum of Growth.

“ASEAN-BAC is very enthusiastic about carrying out this series of events and hopes to strengthen relations between the private sector and government in an effort to advance economic growth in ASEAN,” concluded Arsjad.

On this occasion, President Jokowi opened the event and said that ASEAN itself had proven itself to be a peaceful, stable and growing prosperous region.

The Head of State also explained how economic growth in ASEAN in 2024 is expected to be the highest in the world, reaching 4.5 percent year-on-year.

Apart from that, ASEAN will also be the most attractive region for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2022, marked by 17 percent of FDI entering regional countries.

“This is ASEAN’s big capital to achieve its goal of becoming the epicenter of growth,” said the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

One concrete proof of how attractive ASEAN is as a place for investment by foreign countries is how the United States really wants to continue to increase its contribution to regional countries to a new level.

US Ambassador to ASEAN Yohannes Abrahan stated that US Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Jakarta to attend the 43rd ASEAN Summit was indeed to increase their country’s involvement in the region.

“This visit is to continue the unprecedented expansion of US involvement in ASEAN,” said Yohannes.

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