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Inspired by Ganjar Pranowo, West Sumatran Youth Intensify Positive Activities for the Community


By: Benny Syahputra)*

Ganjar Pranowo is a figure who really cares about the development of MSMEs while serving as Governor of Central Java. This enthusiasm for developing MSMEs apparently spread to a number of Ganjar Young People (OMG) volunteers who were inspired to continue positive activities to spread benefits directly to the community.

The young people who supported Ganjar Pranowo as the 2024 presidential candidate held OMG West Sumatra activities to improve local MSMEs. OMG West Sumatra regional coordinator Muhammad Fajri said that in this activity they provided assistance to the Bukittinggi Batik MSME group called “Kampoeng Batik Sarumba Kota Bukittinggi”. The aid was provided directly on Jalan Bagindo Aziz Chan, Bukit Cangang Kayu Ramang, Guguk Panjang District, Bukittinggi City. In this event, there were a total of dozens of residents and batik MSME actors who received assistance from Ganjar’s supporting volunteers.

            Notification of assistance to Kampoeng Batik Sarumba is a form of concern from OMG West Sumatra which always supports the development of MSMEs, especially since this batik group was born from an individual. The man who is familiarly called Aji said that in this activity his party was very inspired by the figure of Ganjar Pranowo, who while leading Central Java really cared about MSMEs. He also hopes that the Ganjar program can be implemented nationally when the white-haired leader becomes President of Indonesia. They often see in the media that Ganjar goes directly into the community to observe and also provide space for those who build MSMEs.

            Meanwhile, Ridwan as a representative of the Kampoeng Batik Sarumba Bukittinggi Group also expressed his thanks to OMG West Sumatra. He also hopes that OMG’s activities will run smoothly in the future, and that Ganjar Pranowo can be elected President of the Republic of Indonesia.

            Ganjar’s concern for MSMEs was seen during the pandemic, where MSMEs became a serious concern for the former Governor of Central Java. Apart from spending his budget to help them, Ganjar also painstakingly visited and provided encouragement like when he went cycling to Magelang. Not only visiting, Ganjar also buys the MSME products he produces and always makes video blogs (vlogs) in each location to promote MSME products through a number of his social media accounts. Ganjar never seemed to get tired of pumping up their enthusiasm to keep going even though they were in difficult conditions.

            From his visit to a number of SMEs, Ganjar said that the economy of these business actors was slowly starting to recover. Many SMEs optimize social media in marketing and have quite a significant impact. In particular, Ganjar also invited all State Civil Apparatus (ASN) to care about the fate of SMEs in Central Java. One of them is by encouraging civil servants to buy merchandise from MSME players because civil servants are considered a profession with stable monthly finances.

            The pandemic has indeed caused the turnover of MSMEs to experience a decline, but giving up is not the only way while we can still keep moving and look for existing opportunities to rise from adversity. As a result, MSME players were able to rise to the point of being able to export their products abroad. MSMEs themselves are often hampered by cost problems when it comes to developing their business. Of course banks can provide facilities such as KUR (People’s Business Credit), this can of course be used to develop their business.

            The Central Java Provincial Government when led by Ganjar was very intense in providing assistance to MSMEs. It’s not only about product innovation, but also the digital literacy of small entrepreneurs. Moreover, in this digital era, it is very possible for buying and selling transactions to occur without the seller and buyer having to meet. What business actors need to understand is that business opportunities through digitalization are very possible.

            Ganjar said that from the results of the work of the Department of Cooperatives and MSMEs so far it was found that many MSMEs did not expect that the use of digital marketing would be very beneficial for sales made by MSMEs. Therefore, the government needs to facilitate MSME players to obtain good digital literacy to encourage MSMEs to be able to develop their businesses and market share.

            The steps taken by Ganjar can of course be duplicated in other areas in order to develop MSMEs in the region. Because after all, MSMEs are a sector that needs attention so that they are able to compete and gain profits. Providing digital education for MSMEs where they can do bookkeeping only via smartphone will of course speed up financial analysis before business owners apply for credit to BPR.

            Ganjar volunteers like OMG can certainly use the steps taken by Ganjar so that MSMEs can develop their businesses. So that MSMEs can continue to rise and are expected to be able to absorb labor so that the unemployment rate can be reduced.

)* The author is a contributor to the Padang City Literacy Forum

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