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Islamic boarding school caretaker in Ciamis, opens command post ready to win Ganjar Pranowo 


WEST JAVA — One of the caretakers of the Riyadussalikin Islamic boarding school (Ponpes) in Ciamis Regency, West Java opened a winning post and is ready to win Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Kyai Luthfi Fauzi revealed that he had even made various precise strategies and programs to be able to gain a lot of votes in the upcoming political contest.

“The Ganjar Pranowo Ciamis winning post has developed a precise strategy and an interesting program to get as many votes as possible to win the presidential election battle in 2024,” he said.

Many of these programs are aimed at capturing votes from voters who come from various elements of society.

To win Ganjar Pranowo, he has even recruited many cadres and volunteers from many backgrounds.

“The volunteers are from santri, students, activists, religious leaders, community leaders and other elements of society who idolize Ganjar Pranowo,” said Lutfhi. 

There are already thousands of volunteer cadres who are very ready to move, work and fight for the victory of the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate.

“We are ready to win and fight tooth and nail to make Ganjar Pranowo the next president of the Republic of Indonesia,” said this charismatic young kyai with enthusiasm. 

Furthermore, Kyai Luthfi added that they fully support the leader who was born in Karanganayar Regency because he is capable of continuing President Jokowi’s leadership.

“Ganjar Pranowo’s victory is an absolute price that cannot be bargained anymore, so that the existing government programs and are pro-people can be continued,” he added. 

Support for the white-haired leader came from students and alumni of the Islamic boarding school. On another occasion, there was a declaration made by volunteers on behalf of Santri Supporting (Sarung) Ganjar Pranowo.

The chairman of the Trustees of Sarong Ganjar, M. Romahurmuzy explained that the declaration they made was a struggle to guard the 54-year-old leader’s victory.

“The Declaration of the Ganjar Gloves this afternoon is part of our endeavor (fighting for Ganjar to become President),” he said.

The volunteers from the students and alumni of the Islamic boarding school considered that Ganjar was indeed an experienced and capable leader.

“We don’t want this nation to be led by someone who has no experience,” said Rommy.

Meanwhile, the caretaker of the Kauman Lasem Islamic Boarding School, KH Muhammad Zaim Ahmad Ma’shoem praised Ganjar’s leadership while serving as Governor of Central Java.

For him, during the leadership of the PDI Perjuangan cadres, Central Java was always safe and secure, which shows good leadership.

“Central Java is safe, its people have not had any turmoil so far. That shows good leadership,” said Gus Zaim.

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