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KPU Intensifies Conflict Mitigation Efforts on Social Media Ahead of Election


The DKI Jakarta General Election Commission (KPU) has taken proactive action in facing a major challenge that is rapidly approaching, namely the 2024 General Election (Pemilu). social media realm.

In an increasingly global and connected information era, social media has become a battle arena where various political interests clash mercilessly.

DKI Jakarta KPU member, Dody Wijaya, has provided strong views on the mitigation steps they are taking to maintain the integrity of our democracy amidst these challenges. One of the key aspects that needs to be addressed is content related to ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup (SARA).

In the Election Vulnerability Index issued by the Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu), this kind of content has been identified as the highest potential campaign violation on social media in the capital.

To face this challenge, the DKI Jakarta KPU is collaborating with Meta, the company behind large social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. They have provided an effective fact-checking platform to tackle the spread of false information and fake news.

Apart from that, the DKI Jakarta KPU also collaborates with various mainstream media which act as the front guard in fighting disinformation. They have the authority to take ‘take down’ action against content that violates the rules, thereby maintaining order in cyberspace.

However, Dody Wijaya is aware that the battlefield on social media is not easy. Speed ​​and accuracy in dealing with false information is a challenge that cannot be ignored. Social media allows the uncontrolled spread of content through instant messaging applications, which are often difficult to monitor.

Therefore, law enforcement through the Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) Law remains the main option for maintaining order in cyberspace.

Apart from that, Dody Wijaya also highlighted the ‘post-truth’ phenomenon, where people tend to spread information based on their political preferences rather than objectivity. In dealing with this symptom, Dody Wijaya emphasized the importance of building public awareness together.

This is not only the responsibility of the KPU, but also the media and public figures. They need to work together to provide balanced and objective information.

Dody Wijaya also underlined that campaigns are a form of responsible political education, in accordance with statutory regulations and KPU regulations. He explained that the dynamics of campaigns on social media are normal in the democratic process.

Elections are an arena of conflict legalized by law, where various political ideas and choices are tested. This conflict is part of the democratization process which should be accepted wisely.

Apart from mitigation measures on social media, the DKI Jakarta KPU is also preparing itself to undergo the 2024 election stages which are getting closer. Election Day is only 103 days away, and the KPU continues to make preparations, including in terms of logistics, voter data, and determining the candidates who will compete. Security support is also a top priority.

Mochammad Afifuddin, KPU member, emphasized the importance of the security support that the KPU received during the election stages. The police are an invaluable partner in maintaining security and order during the election process.

The KPU is also ready to share information about potential security disturbances that may occur during the election stages. This is a concrete example of cooperation between institutions that play an important role in the electoral process.

However, security is not the only challenge faced in the 2024 elections. There is the potential for disputes after the determination of the Permanent Candidate List (DCT) that need to be addressed. Apart from that, the election stage which coincides with the regional head election is also a challenge in itself. The end of the term of office of election organizers in several provinces and districts/cities also requires wise management.

As time goes by, and the 2024 General Election is getting closer, conflict mitigation efforts on social media carried out by the DKI Jakarta General Election Commission (KPU) have become an important milestone in preparations towards elections that are fair, transparent and with integrity.

The challenges faced cannot be ignored, but enthusiasm and awareness of the importance of maintaining democracy and order in the country have encouraged policy makers to move forward.

The steps taken by the DKI Jakarta KPU, such as partnerships with Meta and mainstream media, as well as law enforcement through the ITE Law, have proven that conflict mitigation on social media is not impossible. In building public awareness together, they have also shown that maintaining the integrity of democracy is a shared responsibility, not just one institution’s.

In facing challenges related to security and potential disputes, cooperation between the KPU and the police is the main key. The support provided by security forces is a valuable asset in maintaining order and security during the election stages. Shared information also provides a strong foundation for mitigating various potential disruptions.

Elections are the foundation of our democracy, and involving all parties to safeguard them is a shared responsibility. With strong efforts and cooperation, we can achieve elections that are safe, free from conflict, and in accordance with the democratic principles we love. May the 2024 election be a milestone in the success of our greater democracy.

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