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Location of Hostage of Pilot Susi Air Moves, Government Strives for a Humanist Approach


The location of the latest hostage taking of the Susi Air Pilot has apparently kept moving and now the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) has deliberately moved him to areas that are difficult to reach. Even so, this did not at all dampen the enthusiasm and hard work of all levels of the security apparatus to continue to strive for a humanist approach in this liberation mission.

The cunning of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) led by Egianus Kogoya is being carried out. They deliberately tried to somehow hide their hostage, namely Captain Pilot named Philips Mark Mehrtens so that the security apparatus from the joint forces could not be tracked.

Regarding this matter, the Head of the Papua Regional Police (Kapolda) Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol) Mathius Fakhiri said that even though the separatist group continues to hide it with various efforts, it is still the sophistication and skill of the joint personnel security apparatus in the country consisting of The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), all steps and movements made by Egianus’ subordinates are still being tracked.

It is known that currently the pilot hostage location of the Susi Air airline is in a field that is very difficult to reach. The KST Papua leader, Egianus Kogoya, also frequently moved hostage locations around the Nduga and Lanny Jaya Regencies and deliberately chose terrain that was difficult to reach to make it difficult for the security forces to approach their location. Moreover, their side also continues to carry out strict guard against the hostages.

Even so, the enthusiasm, hard work and various strategies never subsided from the joint personnel security forces to be able to succeed in the evacuation, rescue and release of the New Zealand pilot from the hands of the separatist gang on Cenderawasih Earth.

In fact, instead of using a military approach, in fact until now the choice of actions and strategies carried out by all levels of the security apparatus from the joint personnel of the TNI, Polri and BIN are still prioritizing negotiations by giving the widest possible space to the leaders. the community, religious leaders and the Kogoya family to be able to approach the KST Papua leadership so that he would release the hostages safely.

Another goal of having a very humane approach by continuing to prioritize opening as wide a space for communication as possible is also to further minimize the possibility of physical contact, which of course has the potential to endanger and also threaten the safety of the indigenous Papuan people (OAP) themselves.

What’s more, the separatist gang is indeed a group of people who are full of machinations and cunning, so they don’t even hesitate to make the local community members, including children and women, as their shield for life.

The latest development is currently related to the negotiation efforts that are continuously put forward by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) as well as the entire joint security apparatus in releasing Philips Mark Mehrtens by cooperating with the local Regional Head, such as the Acting (Pj) Regent of Nduga to communicate.

It was reported that the Acting Regent of Nudga had indeed held a meeting with the Papuan KST leadership, namely Egianus Kogoya. Of course there is great hope from all elements of society in Indonesia that they are willing and willing to avoid physical contact and carry out the release of their hostages properly, smoothly and peacefully so that risks or other potential negative impacts can be properly handled.

Inspector General Mathius Faakhiri even emphasized and gave an ultimatum to the separatist group so that they wanted to release the hostages in good health and safety, no less than the Susi Air Pilot. Negotiation steps, even in any form, are actually possible and very wide open to do.

Even so, the requirements that must be met by Egianus Kogoya and his group are that they do not ask for a charge that seriously violates the provisions of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and do not ask for independence or ask for weapons and ammunition, which would be very prone to abuse.

Meanwhile, the Regional Commander (Pangdam) XVII Cenderawasih, Major General of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (Mayjen TNI) Izak Pangemanan stated that the whereabouts of Philips Mark Mehrtens who was a hostage of KST Papua was still in good condition.

Efforts by prioritizing a very humanist approach, namely opening up space for dialogue and communication so that negotiations can be established continue to be carried out by security forces and the government for KST Papua. Even though they were cunning, they deliberately kept moving and took hostages, namely Pilot Susi Air, to areas that were difficult to reach, but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the security forces in carrying out their mission.

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