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Management of West Sumatra Great Mosque Calls Police Entering Place of Worship Is a Hoax


The administrators of the West Sumatra Grand Mosque immediately clarified the truth regarding the hoax issue that was spreading in the community regarding police entering places of worship without taking off their shoes and forcibly expelling the demonstrators. In fact, this is not the case, so that in the future people should be much more careful and rework if they find narratives that have the potential to give rise to bad prejudice.

Some time ago, a video clip was circulated which was then widely distributed on various social media platforms accompanied by a very divisive and discrediting narrative. That it was as if there were individuals from the Indonesian National Police (Polri) who entered a mosque in the Province of West Sumatra (West Sumatra) wearing their shoes and trying to forcibly evict the demonstrators.

It is clear that the narration contained in the video clip has a tone that divides society and has the potential to generate a lot of bad prejudice and wild opinion in the public. Even though at all it turned out that what was conveyed and had already spread widely to the public was in fact not the same as what actually happened.

Responding to the many rumors circulating about fake news or hoaxes, the administrator of the West Sumatra Grand Mosque (West Sumatra), Yuzardi Ma’ad, then gave an explanation regarding the video clip which has been widely spread to the public. He firmly stated that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the incident.

Of course, it’s not without reason why the management of the mosque itself clarified and revealed that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the incident that was currently going viral. The reason is, it turns out that the object in question and has been narrated as if it were a prayer room, in fact it is not really a room for prayer, but is indeed a hall located on the ground floor of the mosque.

While the hall itself is indeed a hall for the public which is often used by the people around there to carry out their activities. Furthermore, it was also captured in a video clip that was widely circulated and made people believe that it was as if it was a place of prayer because there was a red carpet like prayer mats in mosques in general.

According to Yuzardi, the carpet was not a prayer rug, but a carpet used as bedding which was used by the demonstrators at the Great Mosque of West Sumatra at that time. Meanwhile, the hall room was also intended for demonstrators from Nagari Air Bangis as a place for them to rest.

Of course, after lots of video clips with incorrect narratives, as the caretaker of the Great Mosque of West Sumatra, he immediately felt compelled to explain as soon as possible how the situation and conditions actually happened at that location so as not to spread slander or prejudice in the community. In fact, Yuzardi himself admitted that he was a direct eye witness because he was at the location when the incident took place so he knew exactly how and what actually happened.

For him, many netizens in cyberspace immediately commented because they had been consumed by the hoax issue of how the narrative was created by the account owner who disseminated the video clip. So that netizens immediately commented and many were wrong about the narrative.

Meanwhile, West Sumatra Regional Police Chief (Kapolda W Sumatra) Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol) Suharyono explained that the demonstration action carried out by a number of people from Nagari Air Bangis on the sixth day they wanted to end voluntarily with no coercion at all. , including absolutely no intimidation whatsoever from the security forces who were at the location.

In fact, the West Sumatra Regional Police Chief gave high appreciation to the people who held the demonstration and rested at the Great Mosque because they also understood the situation and circumstances and ultimately wanted to disperse peacefully and in an orderly manner. Because indeed in a political year like today, all security forces really really need cooperation and assistance from all parties to be able to maintain security and order in society (kamtibmas).

He then reported on the current situation and conditions at the Saya Mosque in West Sumatra after the demonstration, where the security situation and public order there are now safe and under control. As well as emphatically he also revealed that the narrative about security forces entering the mosque by force and stamping prayer mats with shoes and forcibly expelling the demonstrators was a hoax issue which was completely untrue.

Of course, with the direct clarification put forward by the management of the W Sumatra Grand Mosque regarding how the situation and conditions in the place of worship are completely inconsistent with how the wild narratives are developing in society because they have already been consumed by hoax issues. The public should also be much wiser in processing narratives or information in any form on social media.

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