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More investment in IKN


By : Anindira Putri Maheswani )*

The existence of the development of the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago seems to attract investors to come to IKN. It turns out that the progress of the construction of the IKN has entered the radar of investors who want to invest in the IKN which is in the province of East Kalimantan.

One of the parties interested in investing is PT Sirius Surya Sentosa or the Vasanta Group. Where his party will build the first hotel in the Nusantara IKN area. It is planned that the hotel to be built will be a 4-star hotel and will be located not far from the State Palace.

            Vasanta Group Executive Director Erick Wihardja said that his party sees IKN as  a big milestone  for Indonesia. One of the moments of enormous change for the country, so that his party wanted to be involved in that history.

            The hotel construction is known to be a collaboration between the Vasanta Group and PT Bina Karya (Persero) as an Authority Business Entity (BUO), which was signed at the Saumata 1 Office on June 21. After the agreement is made, it is hoped that the construction can be carried out immediately so that the Vasanta Group can participate in the opening of the IKN. The cooperation agreement was carried out as a joint agreement under the agreement before the location approval was issued by the Head of the IKN Authority to the Vasanta Group to then start construction.

            Boyke P. Soebroto as Main Director of PT Bina Karya (Persero) revealed, in the future there will be many people visiting IKN Nusantara, including state officials. So he considered that there should have been good hotel facilities.

            Previously, several hotel management in Indonesia had also looked at IKN Nusantara as their next portfolio location. In this regard, Hariyadi Sukamdani, President Director of Sahid Hotels & Resorts, said that his party was still waiting and seeing developments. According to him, there are still many things that must be prepared up to the decision-making or investment stage.   

            It should be noted, around 9 investors are ready to realize their investment in the East Kalimantan Archipelago IKN. There are those who want to build a hospital hotel to an office center. Of course, investors are still waiting for the status of the land to be clean and clear before executing construction.

            On the other hand, the head of the IKN Authority (OIKN), Bambang Susantono said, there were more than 220  letters of intent (LOL)  and more than 30 non disclosure agreements ( NDA ). This shows that IKN investors are able to attract investors.

            On a different occasion, PT ARCS House Wisata Indonesia (Jambuluwuk) will also build hotels and resorts in IKN. In line with IKN’s vision and mission, Jambuluwuk will build hotels and resorts with traditional aesthetics and equipped with modern comforts that embrace the natural beauty of its surroundings.

            Wira, who is the Main Director of Jambuluwuk, said that his party would build hotels and resorts that provide a quality stay experience, restaurants, meeting rooms and other facilities. In addition to guaranteeing the quality of service, his party will also be committed to participating in maintaining environmental sustainability in accordance with the government’s program in the development of IKN. And what is equally important is being able to make a positive contribution to the local community.

            Jambuluwuk itself is one of the investors whose development is prioritized in IKN. This is because Jambuluwuk has made direct investment. 

            Previously, President Joko Widodo said that the government had given a red carpet to potential investors who were interested in getting involved in the development of IKN Nusantara. Prospective investors can mention what facilities are needed to be able to realize their investment.

            In addition, President Jokowi explicitly said that investors should not hesitate to get involved in the development of IKN. This is because the construction of the IKN already has a strong legal umbrella with the issuance of Law no. 3 of 2022 which has been approved by 93% of factions in the DPR.

            President Jokowi also added that investors can freely choose areas or areas that are attractive for their investment. Nevertheless, he emphasized that this interest can be followed up with a more serious commitment. Moreover, the government has also prepared a number of incentives that will be given to potential investors in IKN.          

            For  a tax holiday  for investors in infrastructure and public services with an initial investment value of Rp 5 billion to Rp 10 billion, a   30-year tax holiday will be given. Furthermore, the government provides incentives in the form of  a tax holiday  for investors in the field of economic facilities such as shopping centers with  a tax holiday  for 20 years.   

            Until now, interest in investing in IKN Nusantara has received a positive response. Of the land that has been matured for the initial stage is 921 hectares, while investor interest has exceeded that amount. From the investment interest that has been obtained, it has been matured through the establishment of an authority-owned enterprise (BUMO) which will be completed in the near future. This of course not only attracts interest, but also becomes a definite commitment to support the realization in the development of the National Archipelago’s IKN.

)* The author is Persada Institute

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