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New Autonomous Region to Strengthen the Dignity of the Papuan People


Papua – The addition of 4 New Autonomous Regions (DOB) has received appreciation from the community because the program is very beneficial and strengthens the dignity of the Papuan people. With the new province, there will also be new local government offices, so that Indigenous Papuans can work and increase their welfare.

Regional division, aka the addition of a new autonomous region, has been realized in Papua. For an area the size of Papua it is indeed lacking if there are only 2 provinces. When there are 6 provinces, the management will be easier and will benefit the people in Cendrawasih Land.

The main purpose of adding the new autonomous region is for a better life for Papuans. Deputy Home Affairs Minister John Wempi Wetipo stated that the formation of the New Autonomous Region in Papua was an important momentum to elevate the dignity of the Papuan people.

According to Wempi, this opportunity is a golden opportunity for the people of Papua to be more sovereign over their own land. There will be no one else who will help the people of Papua from afar. The Papuan people are urged to rise up and develop their own region.

With regard to development in Papua, Wempi invites all elements of society in Papua to unite and work together to build a better country. With cooperation, Papua and Indonesia will continue to progress.

In a sense, the 4 new autonomous regions are a means to elevate the dignity of the people because they can become state civil servants (ASN) in new provinces. According to the Special Autonomy Law, native Papuans are prioritized to become civil servants. When there is a new autonomous region, they can register for CPNS and qualify, because the government prioritizes Papuans.

By becoming an ASN, the future for Papuans will be better because the salary is quite high and they have guaranteed pensions, benefits, etc. The priority for the appointment of ASN for Papuans is the best government program, which makes the people even more grateful for the additional new autonomous regions.

In Law number 21 of 2001 alias the Special Autonomy Law it is stated that there is more involvement of indigenous Papuans (OAP) and indigenous peoples. OAP will be given many portions to build Cendrawasih Earth, one of which is by working as ASN. They are given full trust and are allowed to give aspirations as to how this division should be carried out so that it runs smoothly.

Meanwhile, political observer Frans Maniagas stated that regional division (additional new autonomous regions) brought significant progress in the form of physical progress. In a sense, when there used to be the province of West Papua, the region was also more advanced and no longer left behind. Therefore, it is necessary to have a new province so that the people will also be more advanced.

Frans added that the issue of expansion is not only the span of control between the local government and the people. But also changes in the Papuan people themselves. Indigenous peoples also need to be considered in regional expansion.

In a sense, don’t let regional divisions even be inconsistent with Papuan culture. The special autonomy law states that the rights of the Papuan people are taken into account, including in carrying out customary laws and other cultures. So, when there is regional division, there are positive changes for the people of Papua, especially in customary areas.

When arranging regional divisions, it was based on 5 customary territories in Papua, so the creation of 3 new provinces was not arbitrary. The division is based on culture on Earth of Cendrawasih so that it will be easier. In a sense, the character of the mountain people and the people who live on the mainland near the coast are very different, so that the province can be distinguished.

Papuan indigenous peoples are indeed given special rights in developing their territory. The special autonomy law indeed stipulates that the leaders (governors, deputy governors, mayors, regents and their deputies) are native Papuans. So if there is a new province, automatically the governor will also be new and must be a Papuan.

It is hoped that the new governor will bring positive changes to the people of Papua. He is a native of the Cendrawasih Earth so he understands how to lead his people and take a cultural and familial approach. If the governor is a Papuan it is natural, instead of being picky, but giving Papuan sons the opportunity to lead their own region.

In addition, the additional new autonomous regions will strengthen the position of the Papuan People’s Council (MRP). They act as representatives of indigenous peoples who also have influence in the eyes of society. The existence of the MRP is also important for upholding customary law in Papua.

So it is certain that the addition of new autonomous regions will bring positive changes in terms of culture and indigenous peoples will not be marginalized. Precisely customary law will be respected and obeyed, because it is in line with the laws of the Indonesian government.

Indigenous peoples are also given the opportunity to participate in developing Papua. Development is not only in terms of physical alias construction of buildings and other facilities. But also human resource development.

The addition of the new autonomous regions is to strengthen the dignity of the Papuan people because they get respectable jobs as state servants. By becoming ASN, they get a fairly high salary. Then, they are also given the opportunity to build their own territory.

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