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Officially Establishing Political Cooperation, PDIP and PPP Compact Usung Ganjar in the 2024 Presidential Election


Jakarta – The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) and the United Development Party (PPP) have officially established political cooperation. This agreement was reached after a meeting between the leaders of the two parties at the PDIP DPP office, Jakarta, Sunday (30/4/2023).

In a press statement, the Secretary General (Sekjen) of the PDIP DPP, Hasto Kristiyanto said that the meeting was very important for PDIP and PPP to strengthen cooperation in the context of the 2024 Presidential Election.

“The PDIP and PPP are close, not only because they are located near their office, from the history of their birth, PPP was born on January 5, 1973, while PDIP was January 10, 1973, so PPP is our older brother,” said Hasto.

He also hopes that the cooperation between the two parties will bring a mandate for Indonesia to progress and the people will reap blessings.

On the same occasion, Acting Chairperson (Ketum) of the DPP PPP, Muhammad Mardiono said that the basis for political cooperation between PDIP and PPP was based on presidential political cooperation.

“We will follow up all of this with many stages in order to make Ganjar Pranowo a success as a presidential candidate,” said Mardiono.

Furthermore, Mardiono revealed that PPP had entrusted Ganjar Pranowo with a people’s mission so that the politics carried out by the President is politics that is good and forbidding evil.

“We also asked Pak Ganjar Pranowo to continue the leadership relay. In continuing our development, we must not be stuck but must move forward, because we do not want to be left behind from other countries, we also want to catch up and be on an equal footing with other countries,” he continued.

According to him, that is the basis for PDIP to build strengthening this presidential political cooperation, how to build the nation going forward so that the people can enjoy the democratic results of the upcoming 2024 election.
Regarding the vice presidential candidate who will accompany Ganjar, Mardiono said that the stages of cooperation between PDIP and PPP have not yet entered that stage.

“Because we will discuss it later after this stage is complete. Of course, before going to the altar, to the KPU, of course there will be all these discussions,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the PDIP, Megawati Soekarnoputri, invited us to see that politics is not a static thing.

“So we see it is of course different, in 2004 I was with Pak Hasyim Muzadi, if asked now who (the vice presidential candidate), I have told Pak Mardiono to wait because there will be many people queuing,” said Megawati.

Megawati also said that while at Batu Tulis, Bogor, she had mentioned contemplation.

“Later, maybe I will reflect first, contemplate again, but I have one goal, Indonesia Raya. Later it will be narrowed down by itself (regarding the cawapres), but in my mind. The people cannot be controlled, they have eyes of heart,” said Megawati.

On this occasion, the Ketum PDIP also appealed to media crews to understand journalistic ethics and hoped that the media would be able to report something in a balanced manner.

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