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Papua new autonomous region brings services closer to the community


DOB (New Autonomous Region) brings local government services closer to the people of Papua. With the increase in the number of provinces in Papua, residents will get to the local government offices more quickly. Maximum service will be obtained and the public will be more orderly in administration.

Currently in Papua there are 4 new provinces namely the Provinces of Southwest Papua, Central Papua, Highlands Papua and South Papua. The four new autonomous regions are a request from the people of Cendrawasih Earth because so far there are only 2 provinces in Papua and there are still very few. With the addition of DOB, there are many advantages.

One of the advantages of adding a new autonomous region is better service for the people of Papua. Deputy President KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that the policy of expanding the new autonomous region was for the welfare of the people in Papua. The new autonomous region brings basic services closer to the public in areas in the Land of Papua.

New autonomous regions facilitate the reach of local government services. The reason is that if there are only 2 provinces (Papua and West Papua), the area is too big, so it is rather difficult to serve the people of Cendrawasih. However, when there is a new new autonomous region, the area will automatically be smaller, making it easier to administer and provide services to the people of Papua.

Papua has an area of ​​more than 420,000 KM2 and if there are 2 provinces then each area is around 210,000 KM2. However, if divided into 6 provinces, each area is only 70,000 km2. With a province with a reduced area, it is advantageous because people travel a shorter distance when they come to the local government office.

When there is a new province, the community can apply for ID cards and other documents to the Dispendukcapil office which is not too far from their settlement. Don’t forget the fact that Papua’s geographical conditions are not 100% smooth because there are still many forests, mountains and hills. Communities in the hills will find it easier to apply for KTPs and other important papers if the provincial capital is closer.

With the provincial capital office close by, there will be administrative control and all community data will be recorded. Administrative control is very important because it is used to provide social assistance or BLT. Moreover, the general election will soon be so that people’s data must be updated for registration of new and old voters.

If there is easy access to management of letters and administration, then at the same time it will eradicate KKN. Because people will tend to take care of their KTP, KK, and other papers themselves, without asking for help from brokers who are generally naughty employees. When a broker doesn’t have a job, he will give up on doing KKN, so that all workers in the service office will always be honest.

Meanwhile, President Jokowi stated that the expansion carried out in Papua could speed up services for the community. Pemekaran also accelerates development in Papua. When controlling the community closer, the service should be better. Development will also be faster.

President Jokowi assessed that before the division in Papua it was quite difficult for the community to get services because the distance was quite far. First imagine, the capital city is in Jayapura, which is in Merauke if you want to get services from the province, you come to Jayapura far away.

In a sense, thanks to regional expansion, administrative services for the people of Papua will be easier and faster because the distance to the Provincial Government Office is faster. When the area of ​​1 province is reduced due to regional expansion, there is no loss. However, it is actually profitable because it brings the provincial government closer to the people so that the service is getting better.

President Jokowi stated that the purpose of regional expansion (adding to new autonomous regions) is a form of effort to create equitable development, and is expected to facilitate the reach of government services in the Papua region. The land of Papua is too vast if there are only two provinces.

In a sense, the additional new autonomous regions are aimed at the people of Papua, not for the ambitions of the central government. One of the objectives of adding new autonomous regions is to facilitate services to the community. Service to the people must be prioritized because the real function of government is to serve its people.

Expansion of the region will boost economic progress because it can trigger a positive domino effect. If there is a new province, the infrastructure will also be added and the most intensively developed is the highway. Apart from that, actually the most needed infrastructure is electricity.

There are still a handful of villages in Papua that don’t have electricity. Not because there is no touch from PLN, but people outside Papua need to know that the geographical conditions there are very different from those in Java. When there are hills and mountainous areas, or at the end of the beach, of course it is rather difficult to distribute electricity.

Therefore, if there is division of new regions and districts, there will be additional APBD funds for the new new autonomous regions. Some of these funds can be turned into electricity procurement projects, so that the entire Papua region can enjoy them. The government wants the principle of justice so that all Papuans are obliged to enjoy facilities in the form of adequate electricity.

The Papua New Guinea will bring services closer to the community because the distance from the Papuan residents’ homes to the regional government offices is closer. In this way, the people will be more orderly in administration and make it easier for the government because the people’s data is accurate. The best service is provided by the local government and the people of Papua are satisfied.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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