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Papua New Guinea Facilitates Election Mitigation


The New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua facilitates the mitigation of the 2024 Election so that the implementation of this important event is much safer. Apart from making it easier for officers because the province area is now smaller, the presence of 4 new autonomous regions is also expected to accelerate the realization of development that is oriented towards people’s welfare.

Elections will be held in 2024 and Papuans welcome them with joy. Some of the people there have different address status due to the effect of adding new autonomous regions or regional expansion. The four new autonomous regions are the Provinces of Southwest Papua, Central Papua, Highlands Papua and South Papua. Data collection continues to be carried out so that it is completely accurate and Papuans get their right to vote in the 2024 elections.

Ahead of the election, apart from re-collecting data, mitigation is also being carried out. There are several areas that are vulnerable to security, such as Puncak Regency, which has been the location for KST (Separatist and Terrorist Group) attacks several times. To anticipate attacks, security continues to be tightened, and the addition of new autonomous regions is one of the ways to make the 2024 elections in Papua a success.

Bawaslu commissioner Lolly S stated that one of the benefits of the division of the Papua region was very specific. The existence of 4 new autonomous regions facilitates Bawaslu in the election mitigation process.

Mitigation is the prevention of disturbances during elections. For example natural disasters, terrorist attacks / bombings, attacks from criminals, etc. Mitigation is very important because elections must be successful so that the potential for failure is minimized as much as possible. With mitigation, elections will be successful throughout Indonesia, including Papua.

When elections are held in Papua, the mitigation is by preventing KST attacks. Currently KST is still around and their existence can be threatening, especially since they have firearms and sharp weapons. KST must be prevented from roaming around, both during the campaign and on the D-day of the 2024 Election.

New autonomous regions are one way to mitigate elections because when there are new provinces, new government offices are built. Apart from that, there is also the Kodam (Military Regional Command) as the TNI headquarters at the provincial level. There is also Polda as a provincial level police station. When there are 4 new autonomous regions, automatically there will be 4 new Polda and Kodam in Papua.

When there are new Kodam and Polda, the personnel will automatically be added. The number of TNI and Polri members serving in Papua is increasing and this is really needed, especially in vulnerable areas.

The new security forces at the Polda and Kodam have served with enthusiasm to secure the election. They mitigated the election and worked hard so that the 5-year event was 100% successful.

Ahead of the 2024 elections, security in Papua is getting tighter, especially in the 4 new autonomous regions and in vulnerable areas. Security is carried out so that there are no KST attacks, both before, during, and after the election.

Security in the 4 new autonomous regions has been made easier because there are new Polda and Kodam buildings, complete with security personnel, who are ready to protect the country from various disturbances during the election. KST disruptions must be anticipated and the addition of new autonomous regions will really help mitigate elections.

When the Polda and Kodam buildings have been completed, KST will be afraid. They don’t dare to ‘go down the mountain’ and attack the people. The reason is because the number of security forces in Papua is increasing, thanks to the presence of 4 new autonomous regions. KST did not dare to show themselves for fear of being arrested.

Meanwhile, TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono stated that not all areas in Papua were on land combat alert, only in Nduga and other vulnerable areas. In a sense, this operation did not turn Papua into a DOM (Military Operations Area) as happened in Aceh during the New Ore era. However, this was done to secure the Nduga region and other areas that are very prone to KST attacks.

Combat alert operations were carried out to save the Papuan people as well as secure the 2024 elections. Moreover, KST also killed civilians several times, such as when there was the murder of a high school boy named Ali Mom. He was accused of spying for the security forces, because he frequently entered TNI headquarters. Even though he went there to ask questions, because he had aspirations to become a soldier.

Actions must be taken against this inconsequential KST attack so that there are no further victims. KST’s atrocities were included in the category of gross human rights violations, because their opponents did not carry weapons to defend themselves.

The community supports the TNI to carry out combat alert operations because it is an effort to eradicate KST. They are aware that the apparatus is a friend of the people. Therefore the arrival of the security forces is very welcome because the aim is to secure the Papuan people. Combat alert operations are fully supported for peace on Cendrawasih Earth.

The existence of 4 new autonomous regions is beneficial, both from an economic and security perspective. Thanks to the 4 new provinces, there will also be 4 new Regional Military Command and Regional Police. The number of security forces in Papua is increasing. They are ready to ensure that the elections in Papua are successful, without KST attacks.

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