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Papuan Traditional Figures Support the Inauguration of the PYCH Building


Indigenous community leaders in Papua fully support the inauguration of the PYCH building which will soon be carried out by President Jokowi at the end of March 2023. The building is considered very representative and will be very useful for the development of young Papuan human resources.

The inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PCYH) Building will soon be carried out by the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Joko Widodo. With the inauguration, the young people on Earth of Cenderawasih greeted with enthusiasm.

They even prepared a number of performances to enliven the inauguration of the PYCH building, one of which came from a number of young Papuans who joined the choir that would celebrate the opening and inauguration of the building. It is known that the building which is located in Abepura District , Japayura , Papua will be inaugurated at the end of March 2023.

Regarding this matter, the Coordinator of the Papua Youth Creative Hub Choir, Paulina Ruw ayari stated that her group consisted of a number of church youth and students. They are young men and women from Papua. he was then determined that his team could give the best performance for President Jokowi when he came to the Land of Papua.

Previously, it was hoped that the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) itself would be able to contribute more broadly to reducing unemployment and poverty in Papua, with a lot of training and fostering the quality of young human resources (HR) in Cenderawasih Earth.

President Jokowi himself hopes that later the building can become a driving force and also a center for the development of young talent in Papua. he firmly believes that there is still a lot of unexplored and undeveloped potential in Papua, in fact it is the duty of the Government and many other parties.

According to him, there are indeed a lot of excellent talent and also a lot of excellent talent in various fields such as science, arts and culture, to the field of sports and the task of the Indonesian Government is to be able to prepare the management of these seeds properly, including an organized talent management.

Furthermore, President Jokowi believes that young Papuans have a lot of potential for development. According to him, there are many superior seeds and excellent Papuan talents in various fields. The Papua Youth Creative Hub will later accommodate various talents such as millennial farmers , digital ecosystems, to research and innovation development. The President believes that the future of Papua and the future of Indonesia is in the Papua Youth Creative Hub.

Enthusiasm is also very visible towards the inauguration of the PYCH building which will soon be held. Not only coming from the young people themselves, but this enthusiasm also came from traditional community leaders in Papua. They stated that indeed the existence of the building could become a new civilization for young Papuans, which would make the Land of Papua more developed and prosperous.

With the construction going on and the PYCH building about to be inaugurated soon, the Chairperson of the Port Numbay Indigenous Peoples’ Institution (LMA) , Ondoafi George A. Awi expressed his gratitude to President Jokowi for all the Government’s efforts to continue advancing the Papuan people. Particularly with the existence of the PYCH building which is indeed a center for self-development of the younger generation.

According to him, representing the name of the Papuan people, all the facilities in the PYCH building are magnificent and beautiful. This building is able to accommodate all young Papuans to be able to express their creations and talents. Not only that, but this Papuan traditional leader admitted that the PYCH Building was also very representative inside because there were 7 (seven) traditional territories in Papua, so he admitted that he was very proud.

George A. Awi invites all young Papuans to take advantage of the PYCH building because it has facilities that support self-development. As well as inviting the community to support all work programs launched by the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI). George A. Awi also expressed his gratitude to the Head of BIN Budi Gunawan for fostering young Papuans. PMI is an organization fostered by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to become the driving force for Papua’s progress.

He appealed to the whole community to be able to support all programs launched by the Government and BIN regarding the PYCH Building. In fact, according to him, young Papuans should be invited to the building so that they can receive guidance and training to shape their mentality to be good.

The inauguration of the PYCH building which will soon be carried out by President Jokowi on March 21 2023 will receive a lot of support and appreciation from traditional leaders in the Papuan community. He admitted that he was very proud of the Government’s assistance and the idea from BIN to continue to develop young Papuan human resources.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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