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Papuan Traditional Leader Benhur Yaboisembut: KST Papua is the Source of Chaos on Cenderawasih Earth


Papua – A Papuan traditional leader who is also a member of the Papuan People’s Council (MRP) Benhur Yaboisembut said the Papuan Separatist Group is a source of chaos in the land of Papua. They often intimidate and kill civilians, making the people of Papua, especially in the mountainous areas, restless and have to flee to safer areas.

This was conveyed by a Papuan traditional leader who is also a member of the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP) Benhur Yaboisembut when interviewed by Matoa TV in Papua, Monday 14/8/2023.

“I respond to all the events that occurred in the Mountains which were troubling and detrimental to civil society, this really shouldn’t happen again and again, because, innocent people who only live everyday, only to earn an economy, while living but with terrorists who being in the mountainous region makes this community nervous, there are many innocent victims of civil society, “said Benhur.

Benhur Yaboisembut asked all levels of society to be able to stop separatist actions in the mountainous areas which have always been a scourge and worried the people of Papua.

“I call on all layers of the Papuan people who live in the mountainous region to let us stop all separatist activities in that area, the mountainous region so that the people there can develop their economy, work, plant, garden, and carry out their economic activities safely and peacefully. so that the name of God is praised and glorified”, he concluded.

According to Benhur, on his part, as the Papuan Customary Council, I feel humiliated because many Papuan people have become victims of the cruelty and violence of KST Papua.

“I feel very humiliated if it comes to my civil society in the Papua region who are victims of acts of violence from terrorists or separatists,” said Benhur.

“Therefore, groups associated with separatists must realize that they are not carrying out separatist activities by burning civilian houses by carrying out activities of mass killings or killing weak people, civil society” , he asked.
Benhur Yaboisembut emphasized that civil society is not the enemy of separatists. Civil society is where the panel works to build the community economy in the Mountain region.

Benhur invited all parties in Papua to jointly maintain security and order in society so that community activities can run smoothly and peacefully.

“Let’s maintain the national security and order situation in the mountains so that all the people there feel safe and peaceful in carrying out all activities, both as civil servants and indigenous people who work as farmers, as whatever is there. Let them work safely and peacefully,” he urged.

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