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PBESI Assisted by BG Mantul, Indonesian Esports Women’s National Team Returns to Win Gold Medal in 2023 MLBB Sea Games


Banten – Indonesia is proud again because Indonesia’s tough heroines managed to win a gold medal for the esports branch of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the 2023 MLBB SEA Games Grand Final by appearing energetic to conquer the Philippines.

The extraordinary team that succeeded in donating the gold medal consisted of Vival, Fumi Eko, Cinnyyy, Vivian, and Chell.

One of the women’s team athletes, Vivian expressed her feelings of being very happy, proud and did not expect to be an athlete and be useful for the country.

“It feels like having a responsibility for the country, everyone hopes for us too, keep trying their best and in totality so that they get gold at the Cambodian Sea Games,” said Vivian.

Vivian admitted that she and her team had made very good preparations so they could bring a gold medal to Indonesia.

“In order to keep achieving and defending the gold medal, we will continue to play, practice continuously and we will extend our win streak and always want to keep learning,” he said.

PBESI’s success in developing esports in Indonesia has been recognized by the President of the International Esports Federation (IESF), Vlad Marinescu. He believes that the esports ecosystem in Indonesia has been able to ensure that this prestigious sport can continue to develop more rapidly

Leadership General of Police (Purn) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, as General Chairperson of PB ESI, has proven successful in bringing many achievements in the field of esports.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary General of PBESI, Dr. I Gede Made Kartikajaya when picking up the Women’s National Team Esports Mobile Legends Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang (MLBB) expressed respect and pride for the achievements of Indonesian esports athletes who have so far provided extraordinary things.

“We’re picking up the nation’s heroes. Indonesian esports heroes who won gold medals at the Cambodian Sea Games. I would like to thank all of you, the esports gold medalists in Mobile Legends Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang (MLBB) Putri. Achieved the highest achievement in the Cambodian Sea Games”, said I Gede.

I Gede hopes that later the other teams will also get the same achievement, namely the gold medal for Indonesia, because there are still 3 more teams still competing in the Cambodian Sea Games.

“In the future, we hope that others will follow your steps as the winner of the Gold Medal at the Sea Games. I am extremely proud of you guys who have brought gold to Indonesia in the esports branch,” he said.

Similarly, the Central Executive of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI), Icuk Sugiarto, said welcome to the Indonesian women’s esports fighters who had made their mark on the Cambodian Sea Games stage.

“I congratulate all of you who have made achievements and made Indonesia’s name in the esports branch even more glorious. This victory will be a trigger for Indonesian esports athletes. Hopefully it will not only win at the Sea Games but also at other international stages,” said Icuk.

He added that this victory would be a joint challenge that Indonesian esports can achieve not only at the Asean level but at the Asian level and even at the world level.  

“I represent KONI Pusat hope that Indonesian Esports will be more successful,” he said.

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