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Performing well, PDIP-PPP is committed to winning Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 presidential election


The basis of the presidential concept cooperation that took place between PPP and PDIP was to be able to continue to revive the Indonesian nation so that it could compete on the world stage with other countries and continue to catch up so it would not stagnate. This collaboration was also strengthened by carrying Ganjar Pranowo as the 2024 presidential candidate because so far he was considered to have a good track record.

Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Hasto Kristiyanto, revealed that the meeting between PDIP elites and the United Development Party (PPP) was aimed at strengthening political cooperation between the two parties.

The meeting between the two parties carrying Ganjar Pranowo as Presidential Candidates (Capres) to advance in the upcoming 2024 General Election (Election) event will be held on Sunday, April 30 at the PDIP DPP Office, Jalan Diponegoro, Central Jakarta, which is right next to the office PPP center.

Furthermore, Hasto also added that the General Chairperson (Ketum) of the PDIP, Megawati Soekarnoputri, also immediately welcomed the visit by the party bearing the Kaaba symbol.

It is known that the meeting was the realization of a follow-up to the results of Rapimnas V PPP, in which they officially endorsed and supported Ganjar Pranowo, who is a cadre from the PDIP as a presidential candidate for 2024. According to the Secretary General of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, cooperation from the two parties will be able to strengthen party presidential system.

The reason is, PDIP itself is a political party that refuses to use the concept of a coalition in elections. Because they think that in this presidential system, what exists is political cooperation. Hasto also believes that the collaboration with PPP will be able to broaden the political base and voters later.

So far, PDIP and PPP have had a long track record of cooperation since they became victims of politics during the New Order era. So of course the Secretary General of the PDIP believes that political cooperation between the two parties can bring many positive things and further strengthen the energy of victory in the 2024 Presidential Election.

In fact, he said that the meeting between PDIP and PPP on Sunday April 30 2023 was very important for the two parties because it was to be able to strengthen cooperation in the framework of the 2024 Presidential Election. Moreover, he explained that in fact the relationship between the two parties was close. , not only because the location of the office is side by side. History shows that the PPP itself was born on January 5, 1973, while the PDI-P was born on January 10, 1973, so he called the party bearing the Ka’bah symbol his elder brother.

Hasto also really wants that the cooperation that exists between the two parties can carry a mandate for the Indonesian people to move forward and the people are able to reap blessings for it.

Meanwhile, Acting General Chairperson (Ketum) of the United Development Party (PPP), Muhammad Mardiono explained the basis for political cooperation built between PDIP and his party, namely based on presidential political cooperation.

On the basis of this presidential political cooperation, Mardiono advised PPP to represent the presidential candidate they were carrying, namely Ganjar Pranowo who was indeed considered to have a people’s mission, they entrusted that later the politics carried out by the Governor of Central Java would be politics that do good and forbid evil ( invite to good deeds and prevent from bad deeds).

Not only that, but PPP also asked the presidential candidates from the PDIP cadres to be able to continue the leadership relay in continuing the development of the Indonesian nation. According to him, this nation must not be stagnant at all and must continue to move forward because he does not want this country to be left behind by other countries. He also really wants the country to continue to catch up and be able to be on par with other countries.

The essence of the foundation of cooperation that was built between PDIP and PPP is how to continue to build the Indonesian nation in the future so that the people can enjoy the results of the 2024 general election democracy (Pemilu).

On the same occasion, Muhammad Mardiono also explained that there is a difference in the realm between the attitude of the coalition and internal party decisions, which must be able to respect and respect each other and not interfere in each other’s internal affairs.

He understands and realizes that differences in political views in Indonesia are inevitable in the world of politics, because basically Indonesia itself is a country that adheres to a democratic system and people have the right to be able to make their own choices. In the same vein, the Ketum PDIP, Megawati Soekarnoputri also said that in the world of politics nothing is static at all.

In order to be able to oversee and realize that this Indonesian nation can rise and catch up with other developed countries in the world, PPP and PDIP are doing presidential political cooperation. This continues to be pursued so that politics that is amar ma’ruf nahi munkar can be born.

)* The author is a contributor to Daris Pustaka

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