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Political Parties Supporting Consolidation Events in West Sumatra Discuss Support for Ganjar Pranowo


By : Arka Bhadrika Wahyatma )*

A number of political parties, including the United Development Party (PPP), are holding consolidation in West Sumatra (Sumbar). The main aim of the consolidation is to support Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 general election (Pemilu). It is hoped that in West Sumatra and throughout Indonesia PPP cadres and sympathizers will vote for Ganjar during the 2024 Election, so that he becomes the next President of Indonesia.

The 2024 elections will be very lively and Ganjar Pranowo will become an idol for all groups. His friendly personality makes people more confident in choosing him in the next election. Ganjar is optimistic that he will win the election and become president who will make Indonesia more advanced.

Ganjar Pranowo became the presidential candidate from PDIP (Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle). However, there is also a coalition party that supports it, namely the PPP. On September 10 2023, a consolidation will be held to win Ganjar, which will be held in West Sumatra.

Politician Sandiaga Uno stated that PPP was holding a consolidation (large deliberation) throughout West Sumatra. At this event the cadres will receive directions from the general chairman of PPP M. Mardiono. PPP supports the candidacy of Ganjar Pranowo as a presidential candidate in the 2024 elections and hopes that he will win a landslide victory.

Sandiaga continued, he will also provide one strategy tip, because less than 160 days into the 2024 election, he believes PPP provides special opportunities for the green economy. Sandi will also equip legislative candidates to encourage the spirit of a green economy that focuses on job creation, stable prices of basic commodities so that work is easy, and life is blessed.

In that sense, PPP fully supports Ganjar Pranowo as a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections. It is hoped that the PPP-PDIP coalition will bring Ganjar victory, not only in West Sumatra, but also throughout Indonesia.

When there was a consolidation of PPP cadres in West Sumatra, Sandiaga and other PPP cadres were optimistic about Ganjar’s victory. Moreover, previously there had been a declaration to win Ganjar in West Sumatra.

Around 1,000 village people in West Sumatra declared their support for Ganjar Pranowo to run as a candidate for President of the Republic of Indonesia in 2024. The declaration was held at Green Talao Park, Ulakan Tapakis, Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra.

Meanwhile, the West Sumatra PPP DPW held a Consolidation Meeting of PPP Fractions throughout West Sumatra. The faction consolidation meeting which also coincided with the PPP’s half century anniversary was present among the people of West Sumatra. At least 115 West Sumatra PPP extended families were present along with the chairman of the DPP, Audy Joinaldy who is also the Deputy Governor of West Sumatra.

All PPP components must be enthusiastic, united and have one command. Especially to win Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 elections. This was stated by Hariadi, Chairman of the West Sumatra PPP DPW.

With the support of the people and PPP cadres of West Sumatra, it is hoped that Ganjar will win the 2024 elections. He has many supporters because he has aspirations to advance Indonesia.

PPP politicians and the people of West Sumatra support Ganjar Pranowo because they have seen clear evidence of his leadership. Ganjar is seen as a people’s figure who understands how to cultivate rural areas while also leading in urban areas. He wants all Indonesian people to prosper and advance this nation to become one of the Asian tigers.

Ganjar Pranowo was chosen by the people of West Sumatra because he has a positive track record and extraordinary achievements. First, be firm and anti-KKN (corruption, collusion and nepotism). Ganjar strictly prohibits collecting any fees at school because it violates the rules. 

Then, when Ganjar visits schools and campuses, he often gives educational gifts. For example, books, laptops, or scholarships. With these prizes, it is hoped that pupils and students will study more diligently and become useful people in the future.

PPP cadres and the people of West Sumatra as well as all Indonesian citizens support Ganjar Pranowo because he is very familiar with the people and holds dialogue without being pretentious. Ganjar’s closeness to the small people was very touching and he promised to solve their problems. Starting from repairing damaged roads to facilitating administration.

In a survey, Ganjar won more votes than other presidential candidates. Then, in surveys at different institutions, he also remained number one. This really shows that the people want him to be the next president. Ganjar deserves to lead not only in Central Java, but in Indonesia.

Of course, survey results cannot be bought. Moreover, what is presented are the results of several survey institutions. When everyone says that Ganjar is the winner of the survey then he will definitely be the next president. Moreover, there is support from religious figures which makes him confident to win the 2024 election.

PPP is holding a consolidation in West Sumatra to win Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 elections. He is considered very suitable to be a presidential candidate because he is popular and has a good vision and mission, for the sake of Indonesia’s progress. The people of West Sumatra and all Indonesian citizens support Ganjar to win the election, because they believe he will bring change in a positive direction.

)* The author is a contributor to the United Movement to Require Pranowo to Win (GERBANG)

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