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Prabowo Volunteers in Riau Switch, Upright Declaration Supports Ganjar Pranowo in 2024 Presidential Election


RIAU — Prabowo Subianto’s former volunteers in Riau Province have now made the switch, they have declared themselves to firmly and fully support Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 presidential election.

It is known that the volunteers came from various backgrounds and community nodes such as Dumai, Meranti, Siak, Bengkalis, Rokan Hulu, Kuansing to Pekanbaru.

Now they have all formed a winning team for the PDI-P Presidential Candidate called Pejuang GP24 Riau Province.

Datok Wan MHD Sabri explained that with the abilities and background that Ganjar Pranowo has, they will certainly further advance their region.

“Riau is rich in natural resources, oil, palm oil, coffee, gas, but there are still many poor people, on that basis we are optimistic, with Ganjar’s abilities and background, rich experience in the DPR, regional heads, understand how to advance Riau province, he explained.

Likewise, teacher and administrator of the Pekanbaru Islamic Youth Association, Abdul Gafur, also admitted that he was very optimistic that the white-haired leader’s victory would further improve the welfare of teachers.

“We are optimistic that if Ganjar wins, Riau province will progress further. “The same goes for teacher welfare,” he said.

On another occasion, a similar declaration, namely a former volunteer supporting Prabowo Subianto who turned to support Ganjar Pranowo also occurred in West Sumatra Province.

Not half-hearted, there were even hundreds of former PS19 volunteers who then declared themselves to support the figure of the Presidential Candidate from the party led by Megawati Soekarnoputri and marked this by changing their clothes.

GP24 West Sumatra volunteer coordinator Jhun Kenedi stated that the reason for their transfer of support was because they were now looking for a leader who could become a symbol of national leadership regeneration.

“Now we are looking for a leader who will become a symbol of national leadership regeneration. “We think Ganjar Pranowo is right to lead Indonesia in 2024,” he said.

Even the former PS19 supporting volunteers who have now switched to GP24 also come from various community backgrounds such as farmers, traders, entrepreneurs, millennials, religious leaders, mothers and NGO activists.

Then, one of the volunteers and community leaders from Padang, West Sumatra, who was also present, Ardian Nova Chaniago, had great hopes for Ganjar Pranowo, especially to be able to overcome poverty.

“We hope that Ganjar can develop Indonesia, including West Sumatra, so that poverty and unemployment in Minang land can be overcome,” he hoped. Furthermore, according to him, the 54-year-old leader was able to reduce the poverty rate in Central Java during his tenure as Governor so he also believes that the same thing will certainly be continued and scaled up to a national level.

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