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Presenting Talented Papuan Youth, BIN Through PYCH Successfully Holds a Show in Jakarta


Jakarta — The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) through the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) has had great success in holding shows in Jakarta and presenting many talented young people in the creative industries from Bumi Cenderawasih.

The artists and influencers held a performance in the framework of the 78th Indonesian Independence Day with the theme ‘Gbyar of Independence from Papua for Indonesia’. The event was held at Benteng Jakarta Square, last Friday (18/8).

The activity was organized by the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) as a youth organization for Bumi Cenderawasih assisted by BIN.

The event invited artists from Papua who are in Jakarta. There are also various kinds of performances such as music, dance to stand-up comedy from youths from the easternmost province in the country.

Not only that, but there is also a Papua UMKM bazaar that specifically sells culinary delights and typical Papuan souvenirs.

One of the Comen Children’s Music Team (MAC) personnel, revealed that the activities carried out by PYCH in celebrating the 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia were able to further motivate Papuan youths to work.

“From us, come and be an example for young Papuan friends, artists to continue working, prove that you can,” said Morde.

Furthermore, he felt very happy and proud to be able to represent Bumi Cenderawasih.

“Very happy, proud to represent the Land of Papua,” he added.

They also added and gave encouragement to the young generation of Papua to stay and continue to work no matter what happened because this would lead them to success.

“Papua can still and continues to work no matter what happens, ups and downs keep working, because work will lead you to success,” added Elmar, one of the other MAC personnel.

On the same occasion, a Youtuber, Thariq Halilintar appreciated how young Papuans are able to continue to be creative and express their creativity even from various sectors in the creative industry.

“Here young Papuans gather to be creative, to express their creativity from various types and various sectors of the creative industry, and this is extraordinary,” he said.

Tariq added that he was also impressed with the various potentials of the artists who are members of PYCH. According to him, PYCH’s various products, including the MSME sector, culinary and souvenir and fashion works, can compete not only domestically but can also penetrate the international market.

“It’s amazing, the clothes I’m wearing are really cool, original made in Papua, the fabric is good, the pattern is good, it can be worn for gigs. There is no doubt about his musical potential. For MSMEs, the food is all delicious, the coffee is great,” continued Tariq.

As information from the MAC group itself, it was previously known to have qualified capabilities. In fact, the PYCH music group fostered by BIN has performed at the Independence Day commemoration event on August 17, 2023, at the State Palace, Jakarta.

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