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JAKARTA — Indonesian President Joko Widodo gave very high appreciation to the success of the program initiated by Ganjar Pranowo in the education sector.

Responding to the high appreciation given by the Head of State, Ganjar Pranowo then admitted that he was very ready to apply the Central Java Vocational School program he initiated to the national level.

According to him, easy access to the education sector is an important step in raising a person’s dignity.

“I believe that access to education for all groups is the most important step in raising the dignity of Indonesian people,” said Ganjar.

Furthermore, the white-haired leader explained that the Central Java Vocational School, which is a free school, is a manifestation of his strong commitment to accelerating the economy of President Jokowi’s government through strengthening human resources.

So it is clear that what is really needed is to improve the quality of education that is oriented towards self-development.

“So, what is needed is quality education that can broaden students’ perspectives on Indonesia and the world,” explained Ganjar

“Oriented towards self-development, affordable education and ensuring open access for all groups,” he added

Previously, President Jokowi conducted an inspection of the Central Java Vocational School in Semarang City. Not half-hearted, even the Head of State then asked the Minister of Education and Culture, Research and Technology Nadiem Makarim to carry out an evaluation.

President Jokowi said that previously the school was a vocational training center, then Ganjar changed it into a vocational school specifically for poor families, where the students were fully funded by the Central Java Provincial Government.

When he saw how brilliant the program of the PDI Perjuangan Presidential Candidate was, the Head of State suddenly realized that this good thing could be applied in other regions as well and immediately assigned Nadiem Makarim to visit the Central Java Vocational School.

“And later I will order the Minister of Education and Culture to come here, carry out another evaluation which can be expanded to other provinces, for families who cannot afford it,” said President Jokowi.

He emphasized that the concept applied at the Central Java SMKN by Ganjar could also be applied in all provinces in Indonesia.

“Yes, let the Minister of Education and Culture come here later, if I think I can go to the Semarang Vocational School, we will decide later, if I see it is good,” said Jokowi.

Meanwhile, the Ketum of Ganjarian Spartan, Mohamad Guntur Romli also gave his appreciation and considered that the Central Java Vocational School was one of Ganjar’s many achievements.

“This is Ganjar Pranowo’s extraordinary achievement for the future of this nation through the education route which attracted President Jokowi so that it will be implemented nationally,” he said.

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