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President Jokowi Consistently Supports Ganjar in the 2024 Presidential Election


By : Atharya Hilal Makarim )*

President Joko Widodo is believed to have consistently supported the presidential candidate (Capres) carried by the PDI Perjuangan party, Ganjar Pranowo in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election to continue various kinds of programs that will or will be realized based on the stated criteria, the figure of Ganjar is predicted to fulfill these criteria.

A lot of support will come to Ganjar Pranowo in the upcoming 2024 elections. After being appointed as the presidential candidate for the PDI Perjuangan party, Ganjar’s electability has been increasing from time to time. It is not only people who support Ganjar, but President Joko Widodo is also believed to support the Governor of Central Java.

Chairman of the United Development Party (PPP), Muhamad Mardiono believes that President Jokowi will consistently support Ganjar in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. He said that his belief was based on a political perspective through the presence of Joko Widodo during the declaration at the Batu Tulis Palace, Bogor, West Java.

This was not the only reason that became Mardiono’s strong belief that Jokowi supported Ganjar, another thing that made Mardiono even more convinced was based on the background of President Joko Widodo who is also a cadre of the PDI Perjuangan. 

According to him, this is precisely the part of the President as the head of state and head of government. The reason is, according to him, Jokowi’s cawe cawe in the General Election must be carried out to maintain and manage national political stability. In order to realize elections with a cool atmosphere, successful and pleasing to the people.

On the same occasion, the Secretary General of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI) DPP, Hasto Kristiyanto emphasized that he is confident that Ganjar will continue Jokowi’s leadership. This means that, as a PDI Perjuangan cadre, Jokowi consistently supports Ganjar Pranowo. 

Regarding this matter, Jokowi did say that the Governor of Central Java was capable of becoming a good leader later in realizing Indonesia as a developed country. Jokowi revealed that 2024, 2029 and 2034 will be a good stepping stone for Indonesia, which is currently a developing country to become a developed country. Then, he believed that it would be under Ganjar’s leadership that this would come true. 

Likening it as a product, Jokowi said Ganjar has it all, good communication with the people that is delicious and ‘crispy’. He also compared his communication style which is sometimes less flexible.

President Jokowi previously mentioned the criteria for the candidate he supports, namely, white hair, wrinkled face, high guts and courage, and good political communication. All of these characteristics indeed point to Ganjar Pranowo. 

Of course, the characteristics mentioned by Jokowi have a reason, such as white hair. Why is the leader that Jokowi wants white hair? The reason is because leaders who have white hair mostly think about the fate of the people and look for ways to make their people prosperous.

Then, regarding the characteristics of high courage and courage, Jokowi also said that courage is the most important and number one thing a leader must have. Ganjar already has these two capacities. Then, Jokowi praised Ganjar for having both.

The criteria mentioned by the President are indeed the basics that a leader must have. Especially regarding communication patterns, a good way of communicating is needed, especially when communicating with the people. Understand and understand the intent of the people when submitting complaints. As Jokowi has mentioned, Ganjar has crisp communication with the people.

The figure of Ganjar who is praised for having crisp and good communication is proven through his leadership as Governor of Central Java Province who has listened to many complaints and provided solutions for his citizens. The 2024 presidential candidate made blusukan to pay attention to small things in various sectors such as education, health, economy, and so on to advance the people of Central Java.

Not only once has Ganjar received praise given by Joko Widodo as President of Indonesia, the many compliments that have been given show that the President has a high consistency in his support for Ganjar.

Nevertheless, seeing the abundance of evidence through praise and so on, President Jokowi’s support for the 2024 presidential candidate, Ganjar Pranowo, is increasingly convinced that he will be consistent until the democratic party begins. How could it not be, indeed some people want Jokowi’s programs to be continued. Who else is the person who is predicted to be able to continue the program if not Ganjar Pranowo.

Therefore, Ganjar, who is known as a leader who has a brave soul and strong guts as well as good communication, is considered capable of becoming the next Indonesian leader with consistent support provided by President Joko Widodo and all volunteers from various walks of life who also participate. declared his support for Ganjar Pranowo, so that in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election, Ganjar could win in order to make Indonesia more advanced and even better.

)* The author is a contributor to the Window Baca Institute 

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