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Prioritize Unity, Elections Are Not Hostile Events


General elections often result in friction between people and even between groups. Conditions that heat up before and after elections are normal, but it is not normal if the sense of unity fades just because of differences in choices. So it is important for anyone to be able to behave and think logically, that elections should not breed hostility.

Bambang Soesatyo as Chairman of the MPR RI invites all parties not to make the 2024 Election an arena of hostility which results in divisions, because differences are a natural thing. He conveyed this during the commemoration and celebration of the 78th anniversary of the MPR RI by presenting the story of ‘Semar Boyong’ all night long.

            The man who is familiarly called Bamsoet said that although ahead of the General Election, the political temperature usually heats up, of course the 2024 Election cannot be turned into an arena of hostilities which results in divisions. According to him, differences in views and political choices are natural. However, it should not injure to the point of undermining national solidity.

            Not only that, Bamsoet also conveyed that in the context of national life, where people can take lessons from the play Semar Boyong in carrying out the democratic party every five years. Bamsoet explained that the play shows that enmity and conflict are never the best solution to solving problems.

            The story of Semar Boyong is known to describe when the world was shaken by riots, peace was torn apart by lust for anger, the figure of Semar then emerged. Semar, who is charismatic and down-to-earth, is seen as a key figure who will bring peace.

            Bamsoet said, the story of Semar Boyong is a satire of life, how the example symbolized by the figure of Semar is now a rare item, so it must be fought over. He said that from the naked eye, Semar was not a ‘beautiful’ figure. Semar Tua, Tambun and hunchbacked.

            If you look deeper, it turns out that there are many philosophical meanings that can be explored from the depiction of Semar. The curly hair is full of gray hair, representing maturity and maturity in thought, attitude and behavior. Glazed eyes are a symbol of sensitivity to capture concern in social reality, as well as empathy for the suffering of others. Sunthi’s nose symbolizes sharpness in smelling the signs of the times.

            Red chili earrings in the ears signal a willingness to hear input, advice and criticism, even if it feels spicy. A mouth that is always smiling means that Semar is a figure who always tries to entertain and make other people happy.

            Previously the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH Ma’ruf Amin hoped that the form of campaigning in both the legislative and presidential elections (Pilpres) would not be identity-based but program-based. In addition, in conveying their programs, election contestants must prioritize politeness and mutual respect for one another. Of course there must be an attitude of being ready to win and ready to lose when participating in the 2024 elections.

            Ma’ruf also said that political choice is the right of every citizen. Therefore, one should not blaspheme the choices of others so as to cause mutual enmity. Indonesia should be a country that should be set as an example because of the diversity of ethnicities, languages ​​and religions that are so numerous that they can be unified by a unified language, namely Indonesian.

            The conduciveness and stability of national security must not be sacrificed for the sake of fulfilling the political desires of certain groups. In elections such as the presidential election or legislative elections, conflicts between candidates still often occur and this involves supporters both in the real world such as intimidation by sympathizers because of different colors of shirts, as well as intimidation in cyberspace which is often colored with hoax news and efforts to delegitimize the KPU as independent agency.

            Elections are actually a means to select credible candidates for leaders. That way, the quality of prospective leaders is largely determined by the election process. Therefore, it is important for the community to elect a candidate for a leader who is seen as credible, of course the community cannot abstain, because this will only benefit candidates who are not credible.

It is appropriate for political elites and election participants to declare that they are ready to win and ready to lose, because elections are aimed at change, not seeking hostility.

The momentum leading up to the election is felt to be the right time to hold hands with each other and maintain the values ​​that can unite the Indonesian people. Don’t let the election which is held every five years divide society. Even though Indonesia has gone through various series of elections and changes in leadership. This must be shown by the attitude of maturity in politics. Quality elections are of course absolutely necessary in order to build democratic civilization in Indonesia so that it is more advanced. Hostility or polarization just because of different coalitions is something that shouldn’t exist in the Republic of Indonesia. The sense of unity must be maintained, because democracy has become a joint agreement by the founding fathers of the Indonesian nation.

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