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Proof of an Outstanding Leader, Ganjar Has Successfully Improved the Quality of Public Services in Central Java


JAKARTA — As a highly accomplished leader, Ganjar Pranowo has succeeded in improving the quality of public services in Central Java Province.

Communication and Public Administration expert, Agung Firman Sampurna, assessed that strengthening public services was one of the white-haired leader’s performance achievements during his two terms as Governor of Central Java.

He conveyed this in dissecting the book entitled ‘Black and White Ganjar, Traces of Ganjar Pranowo’s Leadership in Central Java’.

It turns out that there are 106 words ‘service’ and 53 words ‘public service’. So of course, according to him, improving public services is the most prominent thing.

“By paying close attention to the contents of the book, namely improving public services, that is the first insight from this book,” said Firman.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the Financial Audit Agency (BPK) for the 2019-2022 period added that the existence of public services was in line with the main objective of establishing Regional Government (Pemda), namely as an instrument of public service.

According to him, Ganjar Pranowo’s strengthening of public services can be seen from his performance in building the Public Service Mall (MPP).

“Data as of February 2023, Central Java has 28 MPPs, this is the highest number compared to other regions. “Indonesia’s total MPP as of February 2023 is 110. 65 in Java, 15 in Sumatra, 13 in Kalimantan, 13 in Sulawesi and 3 in Bali and 1 in NTT,” said Firman.

The Central Java Provincial Government’s Bureaucratic Reform Index in 2022 will be around 80 percent, in fact this figure makes integrity in the Central Java Provincial Government one of the highest.

Data shows that as of 2022 for the Central Java Provincial Government, the Central Java Provincial Government Integrity Assessment Survey is at 78.71 percent.

As a result, the level of satisfaction held by the community is also very high, namely the Community Satisfaction Index of 83.50 percent.

Indeed, the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate has been continuously trying to improve the quality of government at the provincial and district/city levels in Central Java.

One of these efforts is through an e-governance program to prevent possible acts of corruption, collusion and nepotism.

“I am trying to prevent corruption in government, as well as provide easy, cheap and fast services,” said Ganjar Pranowo.

Meanwhile, Professor at the Faculty of Business Economics, Diponegoro University, Prof. FX Sugiyanto acknowledged the success of Ganjar Pranowo and explained that it was clear in several indicators that other regional governments could emulate.

“When BPKP made Central Java while Ganjar was Governor, I thought it made sense too. “Because, there are several important indicators when we talk about (good) governance,” said Sugiyanto.

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