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KLATEN — Evidence of the success of his leadership so far in Central Java, the entire community of Klaten Regency gives high appreciation to Ganjar Pranowo.

There was a healthy walk event with hundreds of residents in the Klaten Regency square, which was also a farewell event with the Governor of Central Java who will retire.

Since the morning of Friday (1/9), hundreds of health walk participants have filled the square and they can be seen wearing jerseys that say ‘thanks to Pak Ganjar’.

Very high enthusiasm was shown by all the people in Klaten.

“Yes, I really want to meet Mr. Ganjar,” said one of the participants.

There were also screams from mothers to support the 2023 presidential candidate when Ganjar Pranowo arrived at the location of the healthy walk.

“Mr Ganjar, Mr Ganjar, Mr Ganjar President 2024,” said one participant, Friday (1/9/2023).

Indeed, the white-haired leader is a figure who is very loved by his people because not a few among the people seem unwilling when they find out that he will retire.

Responding to how much the people in Central Java love him, Ganjar Pranowo also said that he really loves the people.

“Yesterday I conveyed it at the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Central Java’s Anniversary. Kulo Tresno Panjenengan (I love you), I Love U Full is approx. Because of what? “We were helped a lot by them in their way,” he said.

“I am well aware that there are two ways people love me. One of them said thank you. And secondly they criticized it harshly. it loves. What if I don’t get criticized? “Woo, we are angels and feel self-righteous,” Ganjar added.

One of the many things that made the 54-year-old leader highly coveted was because he was also strongly committed to continuing to encourage the sending of skilled workers from Indonesia and even abroad to face the demographic bonus.

“Sending skilled workers abroad for work internships is the right choice in dealing with demographic bonuses while at the same time solving poverty problems,” he said.

With all the programs and track record and experience leading, it is not surprising why support for him continues to expand.

It is known that Volunteer Batur Ganjar Pranowo President 2024 declared himself in Mataram City, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

The head of the volunteers, Saiful Hadi, assessed that the figure of the PDI-P presidential candidate had indeed been very successful in leading Central Java so that he was very worthy of being the nation’s leader.

“As a person, Ganjar Pranowo has succeeded in leading Central Java. Starting from the economy, health, education, and reducing poverty,” he concluded.

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