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Proving Leadership Success in the Regions, Ganjar Pranowo Deserves to Advance to the National Level


Proving a lot of success in terms of leadership and also all steps up to the programs that have been implemented, Ganjar Pranowo’s capacity cannot be doubted. He is a figure who is very worthy to be able to continue to move forward on the stock market as a presidential candidate (Capres) in Indonesia in 2024.

The Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan RI), gave such high appreciation for the performance of the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo in the agricultural sector. How could it not be, because he was considered to have succeeded in running a program to increase the welfare of farmers in Central Java (Central Java).

Even with the achievement of making a program which in fact has succeeded in increasing the welfare of farmers in Central Java, the man born in 1968 was proposed to be able to receive 2 (two) honors, namely the Medal of Honor (GTK) Satyalencana Pembangunan and Wira Karya.

One of the representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Agustini Irmawati said that the thing that highlighted the main thing was how Ganjar Pranowo’s success in continuing to oversee the area he leads, namely Central Java in terms of rice production and also horticulture which made the province rank 2 (two) nationally. Therefore, with this success alone it is already very clear what the output of the governor will be.

The Farmer Card program, which was pioneered by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) politicians, has indeed been recognized by many parties, even in 2019, he also received an award because the Farmer Card program is the owner of the best program nationally.

Indeed, the program initiated by Ganjar Pranowo has the goal of realizing the distribution, control and supervision of subsidized fertilizers to farmers who are entitled to receive them.

Not only regarding supervision, but with the Central Java Farmer Card program, it is possible to distribute subsidized fertilizers in accordance with the amount, type, time, place, quality and price as well as provide banking services for farmers. Because with this program, farmers can carry out complete data collection and are also still related to One Data Indonesia efforts related to President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) program.

Meanwhile, another appreciation for how good Ganjar Pranowo’s performance was was also expressed by Bappenas because he succeeded in bringing Central Java into the top 5 (five) national map developments.

In this regard, Regional Director I of the Indonesian National Development Planning Agency, Abdul Malik Sadat Idris, stated that the acceleration of development in Central Java up to 2024 is really felt. In fact, with the province’s success in getting into the top five for the development of the national map, the future orientation for Central Java in 2045 will be as a calculating force on the global map.

Furthermore, regarding governance or good governance which is considered highly correlated with the investment climate in a region and is able to encourage it to continue to run well. Abdul Malik considers that investment will actually only be able to enter an area if the local government (Pemda) of the region is considered to have good governance, which has all been proven by Ganjar Pranowo in leading Central Java so far.

On many occasions, he is also very concerned with how the policy plans he publishes are able to cover the real needs that the people really want. He even admitted that he was very happy with the constructive inputs submitted by community groups.

After getting several suggestions from issues in his community, Ganjar Pranowo then began to narrow down and make priority scales, but besides that he also continued to work on overcoming big problems which also became a national program at the same time.

It is proven that the investment climate in Central Java is very attractive to investors. In 2022 alone, at least 97 companies relocated their factories to Central Java. This is because the area has easy licensing and continues to uphold integrity so that it is free from corruption and extortion.

On another occasion, the ranks of volunteers who are members of Sahabat Ganjar or Saga also continue to move to be able to promote the Governor of Central Java as a figure who is indeed very worthy of becoming a Presidential Candidate (Capres) in the upcoming 2024 year.

The Chairman of the DPC Saga City of Palembang stated that he really hopes that the leader in 2024 will be someone who is indeed a mandate and really cares about the interests of the people.

With all the achievements and performance recorded by Ganjar Pranowo, he can indeed be said to be very worthy to be able to advance to political contestation in the 2024 Presidential Candidates Exchange. The reason is, he has also proven his successful leadership a lot during these 2 (two) periods as the Governor of Central Java.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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