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PYCH Assisted by BIN Facilitates Papuan Singers to Perform at the Papua Street Carnival


Papua — The implementation of the Papua Street Carnival as a result of collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) will be able to open up investment opportunities and further improve the welfare of the people in Cenderawasih Earth.

How could it not be, because with this agenda it will certainly be increasingly able to show the talents of the young Papuan generation who are fostered by BIN in the PYCH Building.

In addition, the impact will also make a positive contribution because it is able to introduce culture to tourism potential in Papa to the world.

It is also hoped that the event will be able to display a variety of Papuan works and cultural heritage which are very beautiful and unique.

This is because indeed all the elements in the series of activities reflect how rich the culture and traditional heritage are owned by Papua.

Moreover, with the active participation of the youth there, who are guided by BIN in the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building, there is great potential for this event to become an annual event as well as a tourism icon in the future.

One of the talented youths assisted by BIN, Marsanda Imbiri (21) admitted that he was ready to appear in many big events.

He also hopes that in the future he can continue to develop his talents and interests, so that he can become the pride of Papua and achieve his dream of becoming a singer.

“My hope is that in the future I can move forward to make Papua proud. (I) really want to (become a singer),” said the third semester student.

All of this cannot be separated from the coaching that has been carried out by BIN for all the young generation of Papua in the PYCH Building.

Meanwhile, another young man named Ino Kyeukyeu (25) explained that the event could show the many talents possessed by the young generation of Bumi Cenderawasih.

“It is very extraordinary that auditions are being held within the framework of the Papua street carnival. This is an event that will show the talents of Papuan children,” said Ino.

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