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PYCH Holds Independence Day Festival from Papua for Indonesia in Jakarta


Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) held a Independence Day Festival from Papua for Indonesia as a step to celebrate the 78th Indonesian Independence Day. This event invited artists, artists and the Papuan community in Jakarta which was held at Banteng Square, Central Jakarta on Friday (18/8).
PYCH is a center for the development of young Papuan talents to create a generation that is superior, creative, has a pioneer spirit, and quickly adapts to technological developments and has a high national spirit.

The program under the guidance of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) has succeeded in embracing young Papuan talents to become pioneers of change for the progress and prosperity of Cendrawasih Earth according to President Joko Widodo’s instructions.

Various programs organized by BIN through PYCH have succeeded in attracting the involvement of various sectors spread across Papua and West Papua Provinces, such as agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, creative industries, education and health, MSMEs and market places (e-commerce), socio-culture to ethnic preservation. language in Papua.

PYCH invited Papuan artists who are in Jakarta to enliven the event. PYCH also holds music, dance and stand-up comedy events for young Papuans. There is also a Papuan MSMEs bazaar that specifically sells Papuan culinary and souvenirs.

It is known that this is the first time PYCH has held this event outside Papua to get a positive response from the Papuan people in Jakarta.

“This is the first time, we are holding PYCH activities not in Jayapura, but in Jakarta. In order to celebrate independence, we gather Papuan artists and here we see together how independence is an important part of Papuan children,” said PYCH Music Band personnel who is also the Music Team Assistant. Child Comment (MAC), Julio Faot, in a written statement (19/8/2023).

Julio revealed that the reason PYCH held its activities in Jakarta was because a music group from Papua, MAC, had the opportunity to perform at the 78th Indonesian Independence Day event at the State Palace.

“Yesterday, because MAC was summoned to the State Palace on August 17, we filled in only one song. So, on August 18 we initiated a gathering to celebrate independence in Jakarta, so this is the right momentum,” said Julio.

Julio said he was happy with the enthusiasm of the people who attended, especially his colleagues from Papua who had so far migrated to the capital. He also said this activity could motivate the enthusiasm of the younger generation of Papua, as well as a moment of longing for reunions with the people of Papua overseas.

“Everyone here is 100 percent enthusiastic with us to collaborate, sing, dance, stand up comedy and we also collect books as donations for our friends in Papua,” said Julio.

Julio encourages the younger generation of Papua to continue to innovate in creating works and at the same time he hopes that similar activities can be carried out in other regions in Indonesia to introduce the potential of Papuan children in Indonesia.

“We encourage all the young generation in Papua, especially when given a big gift from Pak Jokowi, we can continue this to regencies in Papua. With the new province in Papua, young people in Papua should be more enthusiastic, and not only in Papua. In the future, we can hold activities like this in Yogyakarta, Sumatra and wherever we can gather,” said Julio.

In addition, MAC group personnel representatives Elmar Mac, Morde Sawaki, Dhimart Ohee were pleased with their first off air performance which was held in Jakarta. They are grateful to be able to appear on a national scale as well as meet the Papuan people who live in Jakarta.
“I am happy because I can represent Papua. Apart from that, we are proud that as the young generation of Papua we can make Papua and Indonesia proud,” said Morde Sawaki.

“Didn’t expect it to be this busy, we thought the enthusiasm would be normal. What is clear is that we are happy and proud,” said Elmar Mac.

“Hopefully, through us, it can be an example for Papuan friends to continue working, prove that you can,” continued Morde.

Apart from performances from Papuan children, YouTuber and influencer Tariq Halilintar was also present who made the event even more lively.

On this occasion, Tariq collaborated with MAC to sing the song “Only Me”, and greeted all the people who were present.

Not only singing together, Tariq also visited the Papua UMKM bazaar and bought several Papuan clothing and culinary delights.

“The event is extraordinary, young Papuans here gather to express their creativity in various art sectors, it’s really cool,” said Tariq.

Tariq admits that he is impressed by the potential of the artists who are members of the PYCH. According to him, in the MSME, culinary and souvenir and fashion sectors, they can compete with the global market.

“It’s amazing, the clothes I’m wearing are really cool, original made in Papua, the fabric is good, the pattern is good, it can be worn for gigs. There is no doubt about his musical potential. For MSMEs, the food is all delicious, the coffee is great,” continued Tariq.

Tariq hopes that there will be more similar activities to create a multiplier effect in reviving the Indonesian economy going forward.

“I want more people to see this, more space to be creative like this, so that MSMEs can be revived. The community will definitely want to come together to enliven an event like this,” concluded Thariq.

Apart from the performances by Music Band, MAC and Thariq Halilintar, there were also performances by other Papuan artists, such as Frans Sisir, Boi Soa Soa, Ijal Stand Up Comedy, Denny Pigay, Kariting Hitam Dance, Brian Fringkeuw and Kkajhe.

In the final series of activities, all the spectators danced together to the accompaniment of music from Papua.

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