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PYCH Realizes BIN’s Commitment to Increase Competence of Young Papuan Talents


Jayapura – The construction of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building is proof of the commitment of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to provide facilities for Papuan youths to develop their potential and maximize their talents. This was also in response to President Jokowi’s directives, who previously held a meeting with Inspiring Young Papuans (PMI) in September 2019.

The government, through various stakeholders, fully supports the development of PYCH as a center for creativity to provide more space for Papuan and West Papuan youth in the development of technology, innovation and local Papuan products.

PMI Secretary for Papua Province, Vitha Faidiban said the increase in the creativity of young people in Papua which was initiated by PMI received support from various parties. This is because PMI is a collaborative movement for the young generation of Papua who will work for the welfare of Papua.

“PMI itself is an organization assisted by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) whose task is to bring new enthusiasm to young Papuans. Through PMI, it is hoped that the young generation of Papua can implement their potential and creative ideas in order to support the realization of prosperity in the Land of Papua,” said Vitha

The PYCH building was built magnificently and has complete facilities to support the interests, talents and creativity of young people in the Land of Papua. This building will later be used and utilized by PMI in carrying out its work programs for the welfare of the people in Papua and West Papua. PMI will later collaborate, develop themselves and continue to be the motor for the development of young human resources on the Earth of Cendrawasih.

Furthermore, PMI West Papua Province Coordinator, Simon Tabuni also stated that the PYCH building would be able to become a place for young Papuans to increase the competence of young Papuan talents as well as develop interests and talents in the framework of advancing the Land of Papua.

“Inspiring Young Papuans express their gratitude to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo and the Head of BIN, General Pol (Purn) Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, SH, M.Si, for his real commitment to developing the creativity of young Papuans, one of which is the construction of the Papua Youth Creative Hub Building,” said Simon Tabuni.

The PYCH building is equipped with 100 Mbps internet speed which is spread throughout the building. PMI head office is also in the building. In addition, there is also a tribune-shaped room with a capacity of more than 300 people. This room can be used for performances, religious and others.

Furthermore, there is also money available for MSME products, training rooms, meeting rooms, multipurpose rooms, rooms that can be used for co-working spaces, technology learning rooms to libraries. All of these facilities are expected to accelerate young Papuan talents to become the nation’s next generation who are creative and innovative and ready to welcome the progress of the times.

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