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Realize Peaceful Elections in 2024, Avoid Hostilities


Elections will be held in February 2024. It is hoped that the community can realize peaceful elections in order to make this program a success and avoid hostilities that can lead to prolonged conflict.

Elections (general elections) are a sacred and mandatory 5-year program. The people waited enthusiastically because they wanted to wait for Indonesia’s new leader. Elections are an agenda that must be followed because all Indonesian citizens (aged 17 years and over) cast their votes.

But unfortunately before the campaign period there were already issues that divided society. They are expected not to be provoked by this issue. Don’t let any hostility thwart peaceful elections and prevent the Indonesian people from becoming united.

Presidential candidate (Capres) Ganjar Pranowo stated that the public is obliged to make the 2024 election a success. Use your voting rights peacefully, happily and happily. Elections are routine contestations every 5 years, it would be too shameful if they become the cause of disputes, hostility and division. Elections must be peaceful, fair and honest.

Ganjar continued, the public must supervise all processes and stages of the 2024 elections so that money politics and black campaigns and fake news do not occur. Don’t abstain (white group), invite everyone to choose the best leader, who understands, understands and can improve the welfare of the people.

In that sense, peaceful elections must be maintained for the sake of Indonesian unity. The community is able to play a big role in creating peaceful elections. Elections are an event to elect new leaders and legislative candidates. Don’t make it a place of war or fierce hostility because you too support a particular political party or presidential candidate.

To realize peaceful elections, society must avoid hostility. When choosing a presidential candidate or legislative candidate, the choices can be different. However, this cannot be used as an excuse to increase hostility, let alone deliberately create conflict.

Differences in political preferences are commonplace. Since the Old Order era there have been many political parties (political parties) and people choose based on their individual preferences. The first election took place in 1955 and continues to be a mandatory program every 5 years. Don’t let there be divisions during the elections because it will destroy peace.

The public must realize that Indonesia stands on differences, but remains united in Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. Don’t let the election inflame hostility and make people fight, just because of different choices of political parties, presidential candidates and legislative candidates.

The Indonesian people need to learn from the 2014 and 2019 elections. The election campaign period (at that time) was very exciting because there was open hostility between supporters of different parties and presidential candidates. They called other supporters very inappropriate names. Therefore, this bad experience should not be repeated so that the 2024 elections will be peaceful and peaceful.

The public also understands better how to maintain peace, especially during the campaign period. Showing sympathy for a presidential candidate or party is permitted (during the campaign period). Moreover, nowadays access to social media is getting easier and faster and supporters are uploading photos of their favorite presidential candidates.

However, there must be no ridicule of supporters or other presidential candidates. They must be reminded that there is an ITE Law that can ensnare them and take them to prison for carrying out hate speech in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, Suttan Kanjeng Penyimbang Muhammad Sani Amit, a traditional leader from Lampung, stated that he supports peaceful elections and rejects money politics in the upcoming 2024 elections. He and all traditional leaders in Central Lampung signed an integrity pact and held a declaration of peaceful elections. This event is fully supported by the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu).

Suttan Kanjeng Balancing Muhammad Sani Amit continued, the aim of the declaration is to reject money politics and prevent fraud in the 2024 elections. Apart from that, he and other Central Lampung traditional figures will supervise the elections so that they run peacefully, of course with synergy from Bawaslu.

In this sense, traditional leaders in Central Lampung have a high commitment to maintaining peace in the upcoming 2024 elections. They also collaborate with Banwaslu as an official state institution that oversees the smooth running of elections, both before and after the voting period. With this collaboration, it is hoped that the elections in Central Lampung and throughout Indonesia will run peacefully without any obstacles at all.

Peaceful elections were held in Lampung and various regions in Indonesia. The public is aware that peace must be maintained both during the campaign and after the election. There should be no prolonged hostility because of differences in the choice of political parties and presidential candidates. To realize peaceful elections, the community is fully committed to being united, even though their choices of political parties and presidential candidates are different. They realize that differences are normal. Peaceful elections must be held so that Indonesia remains safe, without riots and divisions in society.

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