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Residents of Sukoharjo Support Ganjar’s Success as President in 2024


Sukoharjo — Successfully demonstrating great concern for the problems faced by its people, residents in Sukoharjo even admit that they are touched and committed to supporting Ganjar’s success as President in 2024.

The PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate as well as the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, admitted that he was ready to provide facilities to goat skin painting craftsmen by reopening exports which had been disrupted due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He conveyed this when he visited the craftsmen of the Tatah Sungging Group in Sonorejo Village, Sukoharjo District on Tuesday (11/7).

Ganjar appreciates the fact that many people have expertise in the creative economy, especially in recycling waste.

“A lot of our people have expertise. So this is part of the creative economy, utilizing waste, and the waste is more than goat skins. Goat skin then they have the expertise to make puppets, paintings, calligraphy,” he said.

Moreover, it turns out that the group’s handicrafts have been on the international scene and exhibited all the way to Dubai.

Not only that, but before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the handicrafts of the Sikoharjo Tatah Sungging Group had also penetrated the export market to Malaysia, Turkey and Iran.

So it is clear that these craftsmen have very high potential.

“It’s just that because of a pandemic, they can’t sell as well as before. Had exported to Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, but now there are no more orders. This means that there is potential that we can help to improve again, “explained Ganjar.

Seeing how high the potential is owned by Sukoharjo residents, then the Presidential Candidate from the PDI Perjuangan immediately encouraged export markets in several countries to be reopened.

He will also facilitate by establishing communication with these countries and preparing resources.

“Later we will try to assist and try to communicate with Malaysia, Turkey and Iran, so that we can reopen. We can talk to the ambassador. We will prepare how many artisans there are, what are the difficulties, we will continue to train them, “he explained.

Thanks to how Ganjar cares for the people directly, especially the residents of Sukoharjo, many people there support him as President 2024.

This was also after how the residents who received assistance for the rehabilitation of uninhabitable houses (RTLH), Windarti admitted that she was very happy and touched to receive assistance from the Governor of Central Java.

“Honestly emotion, happy, alhamdulillah. Good luck Pak Ganjar,” he said.

In providing this assistance, even the leader who was identical with white hair had to follow a path for about 200 meters in the middle of the forest.

Ganjar also found a number of other problems, not only uninhabitable houses, but there were also problems with clean water and electricity.

Therefore, he immediately provided assistance by working with BAZNAS to ease the burden on the community.

“It turns out that this is an area that is quite remote and quite remote, so it’s not only the house that is the problem. There is still water, there is still electricity, so earlier we tried to push for the RTLH building from Baznas to help for two houses here,” said Ganjar.

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