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Saga Bekasi Volunteers Invite MSME Actors to Support Ganjar Pranowo as President in 2024


BEKASI — Volunteer Friends of Ganjar (Saga) in Bekasi invites MSME actors to fully support PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo as President in the upcoming 2024 year.

The group of volunteers continues to socialize with the community, one of which is through digital marketing seminars.

Participants in the socialization were GENERAL actors, in which they also wore shirts with black and white stripes with Ganjar Pranowo’s face on them.

The Chairperson of the DPC Saga Bekasi City, Suseno Bimo Kuncoro explained that the purpose of this activity was to socialize the figure of the white-haired leader widely.

“Ganjar’s friends want to invite the community to collaborate and be enthusiastic about supporting Mr. Ganjar Pranowo to become Indonesia in 2024,” he said.

The figure of Ganjar Pranowo himself is a future leader of the nation who really cares about the common people and is full of simplicity.

In fact, he was not even embarrassed to stay at one of the houses of the beneficiaries, just to be sure whether the poverty alleviation assistance program he was implementing was running smoothly in the community or not.

Many residents of Pati Regency then welcomed the Governor of Central Java with great enthusiasm.

One of the residents revealed to Noviana (26), as the resident whose house was made overnight by Ganjar Pranowo, that he was very lucky.

“It’s lucky that your mother is staying at Pak Ganjar’s grandmother (you are very lucky son, Pak Ganjar is staying at her house)” several residents told him.

Noviana herself admits that she did not expect it because it turns out that there is a leader who is very populist like Ganjar, who even willingly goes to her house with simplicity.

“When I got the news that Mr. Ganjar wanted to stay overnight, I was shaking (trembling) and couldn’t believe it. What was my dream last night, how come a leader wants to sleep here with his people. Wow, I just don’t know what to say,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate himself admitted that he was also very happy because he could become closer to his people while listening to all of their stories.

“The response from the community is extraordinary. I am very happy because I can have dinner, this is breakfast while listening to residents’ stories directly,” said Ganjar.

For him, in this way it is very effective to be able to directly see how the problems experienced by the community as well as hear all their aspirations.

“The tradition is easy, if we can chat with residents, listen to residents’ vent, then all of them leave. Some problems are presented and we try to solve them. I am happy and grateful for being accepted here with pleasure, “he concluded.

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