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Security Forces Establish Synergy to Support the 2024 Election


Purwokerto — Security forces consisting of joint military and police personnel have formed a synergy to be able to deal with various security disturbances ahead of the 2024 election.

Danrem 071/Wijayakusuma, Colonel Inf Yudha Airlangga stated that all TNI and Polri members must be able to match the vision and mission.

Not only that, but they must also be able to carry out joint activities in order to be able to deal with various security disturbances in the community.

He then emphasized that the security forces would continue to prioritize law enforcement in taking action against disturbances.

“Of course, in this case, law enforcement remains our top priority. Whatever the disturbance, we will prioritize law enforcement, the National Police will be at the forefront, and the TNI is ready to help,” said Colonel Inf Yudha.

Furthermore, according to him, the potential for future disturbances ahead of the 2023 Election must be anticipated, especially the existence of hoaxes or SARA-tinged issues which indeed have the potential to divide national unity.

According to the Danrem 071/Wijayakusuma, all these challenges must be anticipated with synergy.

“That’s what we have to anticipate and everything starts from the synergy of the TNI, Polri and the regional government. Then in order to face a series of activities for the 2024 election,” said Colonel Yudha.

Meanwhile, the Cilacap Police Chief, Kombes Pol Fannky Ani Sugiharto also reminded that it is very important to maintain solidity and synergy.

The Cilacap Police Chief revealed that the security apparatus of the joint TNI and Polri personnel had indeed carried out orders to be able to secure the course of the upcoming 2024 elections.

He then appealed to all elements of society and stakeholders to be able to build each other up to support a conducive situation in society.

“So, not to divide but to build, show the community that the activities outside what we are carrying out can support a conducive situation,” said Kombes Fannky.

For him, the spirit of being able to build each other up with synergy and solidity is the most important thing in preparing for the upcoming 14 February 2024 general election so that it can run smoothly and conducively.

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