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Sending Team 7 to Help Win the 2024 Presidential Election, Proves Jokowi Supports Ganjar Pranowo


JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo’s evidence of supporting the future presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo is getting stronger, through the envoy of the team consisting of 7 people to help win the 2024 Presidential Election.

According to PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto, President Joko Widodo has sent a team of 7 who have a qualified track record.

“After meeting the President, because he assigned his communication team which is known to be very reliable and skilled and really understands Pak Jokowi’s leadership,” Hasto said at the Ganjar Campaigner Training event.

Hasto did not reveal the seven people in question, but he said that the PDIP Party would move quickly to deploy volunteers to win Ganjar Pranowo.

“Mr. President said there must be a grand strategy, both in communication, in building the vision of Mr. Ganjar Pranowo,” he continued.

The campaigner training activity was said to be a direct instruction from Jokowi and was attended by 300 representatives of the coalition parties that support Ganjar and 150 representatives of volunteers.

For three consecutive days the event will present important names to fill in the training.

One of them is the TNI Commander General Retired Andika Perkasa, Kadin Chairman Arsjad Rasjid to PDIP DPP Chair Puan Maharani and a number of elite representatives from other coalition parties.

“So, the collaboration of the political parties carrying Mr. Ganjar Pranowo and these volunteers by providing these supplies is expected to carry out simultaneous movements, both in the air and on the ground and also the movement with the power of prayer will be carried out together,” he explained.

For information, in 2019 Jokowi, who was elected for the 2nd period as President of the Republic of Indonesia, appointed 7 people to assist in his cabinet.

The seven people namely, Pratikno, Pramono Anung, Moeldoko, Retno Marsudi, Soekardi Rinakit, Ari Dwipayana, and Alexander Lay.

Meanwhile, on another occasion, Ganjar Pranowo, who was predicted to be able to continue President Jokowi’s program, was asked about the continuation of the Archipelago National Capital (IKN) project.

Regarding the project, when the leader changed, how was the sustainability of the program.

“Loh IKN has become a law (UU). How come there are still those who don’t commit (commitment),” he answered.

According to him, when it becomes a law, it is everyone’s obligation to implement the statutory regulations, including continuing the progress of the Archipelago’s National Capital (IKN).

“When it becomes a law, it’s everyone’s obligation. This means that it must carry out. Because the oath must carry out statutory regulations, “he added.

Then, when asked about the more in-depth development of Nusantara’s IKN, Ganjar revealed his promise to complete this progress.

“Yes, because this is not only building buildings. But we’re talking green energy, we’re talking blue economy and then the infrastructure is ready. So if our people talk about IKN it is the story of Indonesia’s future,” he said.

As is well known, IKN Nusantara is one of the programs currently being realized by Joko Widodo’s administration. One of its visions and missions is to achieve Golden Indonesia in the coming 2045, namely the construction of this National Archipelagic National Institute.


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