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Separatist and Terrorist Groups Common Enemy of the Papuan People


By : Veronica Lokbere )*

What is being done by the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) does not reflect the value of the struggle for the Papuan people. Instead of fighting, they often commit crimes that cause casualties where the victims are mostly native Papuans (OAP). This shows that KST is a common enemy of the Papuan people.

The statement that KST is the common enemy of the Papuan people is also reinforced by a statement from Paulinus Ohee as the Coordinator of the Young Papuan Intellectuals. He considered that the actions committed by KST were inhumane and very heinous. 

            Paulinus thinks that their struggle is a group struggle which is of course detrimental to Indonesia. Of course, as a child of the nation, we will not support KST’s actions, because the victims are the Papuans and our brothers and sisters in the archipelago. All Papuan people who are victims of their actions certainly do not reflect human rights.

            He also wants the people of Papua to support the security measures taken by the security forces in carrying out legal operations against KST. Thus, of course, the Papuan people have a shared desire to make the land of Papua a peaceful territory. Where all Papuan people can make the land of Papua a land of peace, not an area of ​​conflict.

            Meanwhile regarding the hostage of the Susi Air pilot by KST Papua, Paulinus appealed to KST Papua who had taken hostage the Susi Air Pilot, Philip Mehrtrens to continue to respect his human rights and also for Philip Mehtrens to be released and to be able to carry out public activities in general. Moreover, Philip Mehtrens also did not have direct involvement in the conflict between the KST and the TNI/Polri apparatus.

            Previously, DPR RI Member of Commission I Dave Akbarshah Fikarno Laksono supported the quick move of the Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General TNI Dudung Abdurachman to send additional troops to Papua. The troops are known to add manpower to evacuate Capt Philip Mehtrenz who disappeared after his plane was burned by KST. This support exists because the TNI is the frontline for the country in dealing with threats to national security, especially separatism. Moreover, so far many members of the TNI-Polri and civil society have become victims of KST brutality.

            Of course, it is only natural that the TNI/Polri will continue to provide security for Papua in a firm and measurable manner. This is done because Papua is currently one of the government’s focuses in realizing equitable development, so that security is vital in order to oversee the progress of development in Cenderawasih Earth.

            On a different occasion, Military Observer, Susaningtyas Kertopati said that the whole community must condemn KST’s brutal actions, especially since KST has dared to commit acts of physical violence in Papua. Where many lives of PT field workers and technicians were lost due to attacks from KST. This action certainly reinforces that KST acts not based on ideology, but pragmatism which makes them take brutal actions against anyone who has a different ideology from them.

            In addition to physically torturing, KST has also killed a teacher, even though teaching is a profession that is really needed by Papua. Because it is through the teacher that the development of human resources in Papua begins. Besides that, KST also burned down a school building, this savage action is of course proof that they are very anti-education. Even though a good education is one of the efforts in advancing Papua to be better.

            The Papuan people’s unrest due to the KST action is of course waiting for the presence of the state to guarantee the security of the people living in Papua. People who live in Papua certainly want to carry out their work activities in peace without fear of terror threats from KST. Children in Papua also definitely want to study at school in peace without the sound of bullets causing teaching and learning activities to be neglected.

The Papuan people want progress and security for their territory, so KST’s actions which often carry out brutality are actions that are not justified and should be condemned as a form of crime against the Republic of Indonesia. The brutal acts of KST have made the Papuan people even more miserable, this is because the attacks from KST have stopped people’s activities. This is evidenced by the cessation of activities such as buying and selling when there is a threat from KST.

            The TNI-Polri will certainly be in the midst of society to provide a sense of security. So that people who want to do activities such as buying and selling or farming, have a sense of security from all the threats posed by KST.

            KST has become a group whose existence does not represent Papua as an integral part of the Republic of Indonesia. KST is just a group of people who want to spread terror so it’s only natural that KST becomes a common enemy for the TNI/Polri apparatus and the people of Papua.

) *The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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