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Sincere Communication Style Without Imagery, Millennials of West Sumatra Really Like Ganjar Pranowo


WEST SUMATRA — Because of having a very sincere communication style and without imagery, millennials in West Sumatra really like the figure of Ganjar Pranowo.

Regional Coordinator (Korwil) Ganjar Millennial Center (GMC) West Sumatra, Galant Mahkota read out a declaration of support for the Presidential Candidate from PDI Perjuangan as the upcoming 2024 President.

According to him, under the leadership of the white-haired man, Indonesia in the future will get better and also the contribution of the youth will become much more and more real.

“On the basis of conscience awareness, we as children of the nation voluntarily become young volunteers who will contribute to intellectual, social, economic and constructive movements,” he said.

“Students and millennials are excited to jointly support Father Ganjar Pranowo in developing Indonesia in 2024 because Indonesia’s future is in the hands of our current generation,” said Galant.

Not only a declaration, his party will also continue to help socialize the figure of Ganjar Pranowo to all regions in West Sumatra.

“We are very excited to declare Ayah Ganjar and then we will be together to socialize Ayah Ganjar Pranowo to young people in West Sumatra that he is the right successor leader for this nation,” Galant continued.

Apart from that, the quality of the leadership of the man who was born in Karanganyar Regency was also evident in his leadership as Governor of Central Java with his many programs and his seriousness to empower youth and advance education.

“Because of his two terms as governor of Central Java, Father Ganjar Pranowo, we see how his achievements in developing the region are very concrete,” he explained.

“Especially his seriousness in empowering youth and his priority programs for the advancement of education,” Galant added.

On the same occasion, the National Secretary of GMC, Ridho Alamsyah, admitted that the declaration in West Sumatra was because the 54-year-old leader would be able to realize a quality empowerment program for youth.

“Previously the West Sumatra DPP and DPW had coordinated that today,” he said.

“GMC, which has high enthusiasm for Ganjar Pranowo, is considered ready to declare its support and is committed to realizing an empowerment program for youth in West Sumatra,” said Ridho.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Central Java PWNU Tanfiziyah, KH Muzammil, revealed that the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate had good communication skills.

This is evidenced by his success during his two terms as Governor of Central Java, the situation of Kamtibmas in the community has always been maintained in a conducive manner.

“We Javanese, ono rembuk dirembuk and he did it and then Central Java became conducive,” he said.

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