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Strengthening Religious Moderation Prevents Radicalism


By: Abdul Hakim)*

Strengthening religious moderation is believed to be effective in preventing radicalism. If everyone understands the importance of religious moderation, it is hoped that they will be wiser in responding to differences and counteracting radicalism.

Radical groups and terrorists are increasingly spreading and they are able to spread their ideology in cyberspace, because they understand that nowadays young people are using this technology. The spread of radicalism on social media is a way for radical groups to get new cadres quite easily. Preventing the spread of radicalism in cyberspace is not as easy as in the real world because the scope is very broad, and the public is expected to participate in dispelling it as well.

One effective way to prevent radicalism is religious moderation. Muh Iqra Zulfikar Wisnu, Chairperson of the Executive Board of the South Sulawesi Indonesian Student Families Association stated, “Religious moderation is a necessity in the midst of the current crisis of humanism and radicalism issues. The role of youth is very much needed to provide enlightenment to fellow youths.”

In a sense, the issue of radicalism has become so powerful that it is very dangerous for the integrity of the nation. To overcome this, we need to strengthen religious moderation. Where people worship and have religion in moderation and not extreme left or extreme right. That way, they will realize that the radical group was wrong because they used extreme methods such as sweeping without permission and bombing.

If everyone understands religious moderation then they realize that being too extreme is not good because God doesn’t like anything in excess. If people are obedient to worship, then they will not take extreme actions like those carried out by radical groups, which always get hot before the holidays of people with other beliefs.

When people understand religious moderation, they do not want to follow the steps of intolerant radical and terrorist groups. But people understand that differences are beautiful and tolerance has been taught since the time of the prophet. He preached very gently and not with rage like members of radical groups. Even the prophet is narrated to always feed the blind, even though he has a different belief.

Young people are also at the forefront of fighting radicalism. They promote religious moderation, especially on social media, because it is good for media promotion. The youths can explain what religious moderation means and how to implement it, so that people understand how to do it. That way they will not be poisoned by radicalism.

Muh Iqra Zulfikar Wisnu continued, “In the holy book there are various commands not to damage social relations by reason of differences. For example, there is a verse that forbids us from cursing sacred symbols of other religions.”

In a sense, if someone understands religious moderation, then he or she is aware that obedience is not only a way of worshiping and establishing a good relationship with God, but also associating politely with fellow human beings. Prayer, zakat, almsgiving, and doing other worships are good, but it would be nice if it was also networking, aka associating with humans, as well as possible.

In society, having good relations is not only for those who have the same beliefs, but also different ones. The reason is that only with tolerance can we live in peace and will not be provoked by hoaxes or influences from radical groups. We can be happy and live in peace because we realize that Indonesia consists of many differences united in Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

By making religious moderation viral, there will be many benefits, especially to prevent radicalism, so that the integrity of Indonesia can be maintained.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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