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Students Play a Role in Creating a Conducive Situation Ahead of the 2024 Election


Jakarta – Students must play an active role in creating a conducive atmosphere ahead of the 2024 Election. They are agents of change and must take responsibility for the success of the Election by not carrying out anarchist actions that trigger other groups to riot.

General elections (Pemilu) will be held in 2024 but must be prepared from now so that later it will go well. The community plays a major role in creating peaceful elections and supports the government, KPU and all other parties. Peace must be maintained so that elections can take place smoothly without any riots.

Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly Fadel Muhammad stated that he was concerned about the political temperature which, according to him, continued to heat up ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections. According to him, the current conditions will continue to improve until the 2024 presidential and legislative elections are held. All parties must be able to hold back and calm down so as not to cause unwanted things. Moreover, economic conditions are easily affected and can change at any time.

Fadel added that the campus community should be able to control students so they don’t take to the streets for demonstrations or join others to hold street parliamentary actions. If there is a student demonstration, they are worried that it will negatively affect security stability.

In a sense, the 2024 election is only a few months away. Students are asked to maintain conductivity ahead of the election, especially during the campaign period. It is hoped that they will not hold large-scale demonstrations to oppose the election because it is tantamount to violating the law. Elections are a mandatory program every 5 years and must be carried out in order to maintain Indonesian democracy.

When there is a student demonstration, it definitely has a negative effect on the security sector. Even though the security factor is very important and must be maintained ahead of the election. Don’t let the student demonstrations create an atmosphere that is not conducive, causing the election to be postponed.

When the election is postponed, there will be enormous losses, especially from an economic perspective. The schedule shifted and there had to be more adjustments, reprinting of banners, ballot papers, and so on.

Then, the student demonstrations had an effect on national security because lately the demonstrations have been increasingly anarchic. Especially when there are provocateurs who infiltrate. Students should not be driven by interest groups and then hold large-scale demonstrations with the excuse of rejecting the election or asking for a change of president right now, because it violates Indonesian regulations.

Therefore, students are expected to be more mature and restrain their emotions and not hold demonstrations ahead of and during the 2024 Election. They should understand how to be good citizens, by voting on Election Day. Students are also determined to keep elections always peaceful and able to refrain from acting anarchically.

Students are also expected to remain calm and not be provoked by provocateurs. They also don’t want to be ordered around by interest groups, who use students for their own (negative) interests.

Meanwhile, Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Body) member Lolly Suhenty revealed that students have a big responsibility to oversee the 2024 election process. Lolly said this when he was a speaker at the opening of the Nusantara Moderation Real Work Lecture (KKN) with the theme “Harmony in Diversity” which was attended by by hundreds of participants from 52 state religious universities in Indonesia.

Lolly continued, the slogan with the people watching the election means that the community, including students, have a big responsibility in overseeing the democratic party, a number of challenges that have the potential to occur again in the 2024 election.

During the election there is the potential for hoaxes, the politicization of SARA (ethnicity, religion, race, and inter-group), the politicization of identity threatens the course of the 2024 elections. The way to fight it is not by taking to the streets. But by conveying positive messages via gadgets.

In that sense, students do not need to demonstrate to declare a peaceful election. Even though the pandemic has been declared over and demonstrations may be held again, they must be smart in taking action. Currently, actions on social media are more in demand and don’t cause traffic jams, so people won’t revile them.

The students are determined to keep the election peaceful because they want this program to be a success. Elections are one way to maintain Indonesian democracy. Therefore it must be maintained conductivity.

With the declaration of a peaceful Election on social media, students will spread messages of love and peace. The 2024 elections must be successful, by maintaining conduciveness and dispelling hoaxes. The students always remember to campaign for peaceful elections, for the future of Indonesia.

Students maintain peaceful elections and maintain a conducive atmosphere for the 2024 elections. They hold back and do not carry out anarchic demonstrations that disturb the peace and have the potential to derail the elections. As agents of change and good citizens, students should be aware of campaigning for peaceful elections and helping the government and Bawaslu to maintain security in society.

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