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Successfully Holding the Indonesia Esports Summit, Indonesia Appears as the Overall Champion


Bali —Indonesia Esports Summit (IES) and the 2022 IESF Fourteenth World Esports Championship (IESF Bali 14Th WEC) in Bali have officially closed. Apart from successfully organizing it, Indonesia has proven capable of appearing as the overall champion.

The 2022 Indonesia Esports Summit is an event directly initiated by PB ESI. The whole world has even acknowledged that the event was very successful.

The Chief Executive of PB Esport Indonesia, Komjen Pol Bambang Sunarwibowo in his remarks at the closing, expressed his appreciation for IES and IESF Bali 14Th WEC.

“The new standard has become a ‘showcase’ for the face of world esports which has actually been implemented safely, smoothly and successfully, and has become a means of development and empowerment for all sectors,” he said.

The implementation of the IESF and Esports championships in Bali, added the PB ESI Daily Chairperson Komjen Pol Bambang Sunarwibowo, is a means of developing all sectors such as education, creative industries, tourism, entertainment, to fintech.

Public enthusiasm for the IES event is indeed quite high. The proof is the large number of participants who took part in the event, up to more than 600 athletes from around 105 countries.

Not without reason, the Government of Indonesia through PB ESI carries a mission to build world unity and a spirit of mutual respect. PB ESI Chief Executive Komjen Pol Bambang Sunarwibowo, also hopes that the world community can collaborate with each other.

“Through Esports, Let’s Uphold the Values ​​of World Brotherhood, Sportmanship, and firmly let’s fight discrimination, as well as actions that are contrary to sportsmanship.” he concluded

Not to forget, PB ESI Daily Chairperson Komjen Pol Bambang Sunarwibowo also expressed his gratitude to all parties who had contributed to organizing IES. He also hopes that the Esports journey will grow and be sustainable.

Apart from being able to organize events successfully, Indonesia has also proven capable of appearing as the overall champion in the IESF Bali 14Th WEC 2022 championship which is a series of IES.

In terms of achievements, Indonesia won 3 (three) gold from the DOTA 2, eFootball and MLBB games. Indonesia also won 1 bronze medal presented by the CS:GO Women’s National Team.

PB ESI Secretary General Frengky Ong said he was proud of this achievement. According to him, this success was achieved thanks to the hard work of all parties.

“The achievements of the Indonesian National Team are not only proud, but also very inspirational! This victory was achieved thanks to the cooperation of all the athletes who are members of the Indonesian National Team with PB ESI and the coaches and parties who also provided support, “Franky said in his written statement.


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