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Support Ganjar Pranowo, Community Forms Volunteer Homes in Bandung


West Java — To show full support for the 2024 presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan, Ganjar Pranowo, the community has built a volunteer’s house in Bandung, West Java.

It is known that the Network Volunteer Home for Ganjar President has been officially declared at Jalan Surapati No. 19, Bandung.

PDI Perjuangan politician, Junico explained that what was done by initiating the Volunteer House was very important to be able to win the leader who is identical with white hair in the 2024 Presidential Election.

He tried to do an analysis of how the results of the votes owned by the PDI Perjuangan when carrying President Jokowi for two terms, it turns out that in West Java they are still somewhat insignificant.

So it is very important to immediately carry out improvement strategies, one of which is to increase the number of movements.

“I see that the two periods of Pak Jokowi were both in West Java as well and we saw at that time how come two periods can be the same, yes left behind,” he said.

“Maybe something needs to be fixed, one of which is to increase the movement like we did yesterday and two weeks ago also in Subang. This is also an additional source of energy,” said the PDIP politician.

Then, Junico hopes that in the future with many movements in West Java it will be able to further grow the network and enthusiasm of the volunteers so that they can achieve victory.

“Hopefully there will be other networks of volunteers who will grow and be enthusiastic. It’s not just a declaration,” he said.

“But there must be movement so that the volunteer muscles, the party muscles can work together and if we organize and redefine it frequently it will become an energy for victory,” he said. 

Support from various communities also came from the City of Magelang, where volunteers held a People’s Party event by presenting a number of local musicians and MSME actors.

The head of DPC Sahabat Ganjar, Magelang City, Sariyadi explained that the purpose of holding the concert was to unite solid support for Ganjar Pranowo.

“The goal is clear, this is to support Pak Ganjar, especially for millennials. We also have MSME booths, so later we hope that it will be like Pak Ganjar’s program, MSMEs must progress,” said Sariyadi.

On another occasion, there was a moment when the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate met with the Chairman of the PPP Bappilu and also the Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno in Saudi Arabia after he had performed the pilgrimage.

During the meeting, Sandiaga introduced Ganjar Pranowo to a Saudi Arabian official by saying that the leader who is identical with white hair is ‘The Next President’.

“This is the one I mention to you. God willing, the next President,” said Sandiaga introducing Ganjar.

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