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Support The Progress Of The Nation Through The Omnibus Law


As is well known, one of the objectives of the omnibus law concept being echoed is to make it easier for investors to invest in Indonesia. Regarding this, the government reminds us that the ease of doing business in Indonesia or Ease of Doing Business (EODB) has gradually shown improvement to rank 91 from rank 106 in 2016. To achieve this better target, the government must make a breakthrough. If the improvements we have made are only a little or the same as last year, it could be that our ranking will actually go down, considering other countries are improving faster than Indonesia.

Indonesia must put a greater effort into fields that rank above 100 in order to move down towards the 80s. One way is by designing improvements, such as portals in the Indonesia National Single Window (INSW). To answer this, the government has provided the Omnibus Law which is believed to be the key and turning point for Indonesia to be able to compete with the economic growth rate of developed countries.

The Omnibus Law is a trigger for the economic progress of the Indonesian nation, which is currently worsening due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If allowed to continue, Indonesia will experience a worse crisis than the Covid-19 pandemic, namely the economic crisis. At present, signs of an economic crisis are beginning to appear, one of which is the decline in Indonesia’s economic growth so that many business actors are forced to close their businesses due to pressure from conditions. In a policy, of course there will be pros and cons regarding the view of the success of the policy. Currently, the visible turmoil is that the Omnibus Law has a negative impact on the country. Even though in fact it is not the case. In fact, the Omnibus Law places great importance on the welfare of workers and the people, so that there are a number of protections in it so that local people and workers are not less competitive with foreign workers. In an era like this, it is time to protect workers because the invasion of foreign workers is increasingly tireless. However, this protection made by the government is not meaningful because the government feels that Indonesian workers will lose if they compete with foreign workers, but rather a form of government attention to its citizens. Therefore, let’s support the government in realizing the Omnibus Law so that it has a positive impact on the Indonesian economy. Indonesia needs Omnibus Law, and the public must support the implementation of this policy so that it can provide maximum results.

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