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Supporting ASN Neutrality Maintain Conduciveness in the Implementation of the 2024 Election


Ahead of the 2024 Election, the rules are being enforced again, especially for ASN (state civil apparatus). ASNs are required to maintain electoral conductivity by being neutral. They are strictly prohibited from openly campaigning and supporting certain presidential or legislative candidates in accordance with the applicable law

The 2024 election is in sight. This 5th annual event is highly anticipated by the public because they are enthusiastic about finding the next leader who is expected to be able to continue the national work program. The election was greeted with great fanfare and the people waited for the campaign period to openly support the presidential and legislative candidates they chose.

However, during the campaign period, the election period, until after the voting, not all levels of society can openly show their support for their favorite party or candidate. The reason is because those who work as ASN are required to be neutral during elections, and are strictly prohibited from committing violations.

Deputy President KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that it is up to the state civil apparatus (ASN) to maintain neutrality and integrity in the process of moving towards the 2024 Election. He also called on all ASNs to participate in maintaining a conducive atmosphere in their respective regions.

The Vice President continued, as a servant of the state, it is obligatory to maintain neutrality and integrity for the success and success of the 2024 Election. In that sense, neutrality for civil servants throughout Indonesia is an obligation and cannot be contested. ASNs must be neutral and when they violate, they will be subject to sanctions according to the type of violation.

According to Law Number 5 Article 14 (UU ASN), state servants are strictly prohibited from conducting campaigns on social media. They are also not allowed to upload photos or news supporting certain presidential or legislative candidates. Even when there is content regarding a particular presidential or legislative candidate, comments or ‘likes’ are not allowed.

ASNs are also not allowed to take pictures with legislative or presidential candidates and upload them to social media. They are also strictly prohibited from joining political parties, either as members, administrators, or simply sympathizers. ASN is also prohibited from being a speaker at politically motivated events.

Then, ASNs are also prohibited from running for office, legislative candidates, presidential candidates, or vice president. If they insist on running for office, they must resign from office. Consequently, they will be subject to sanctions in accordance with applicable regulations.

ASN must be neutral because it will maintain the conduciveness of the 2024 Election. There are 4.3 million ASN people. With a large number, it is only natural that ASN must maintain its neutrality.

Imagine if ASN was not neutral and allowed to enter the political arena. So his family, neighbors, friends, and relatives will support the party, presidential, vice presidential, or legislative candidates he is campaigning for. Especially in society, the ASN profession is very respectable, so they have considerable influence.

If ASN is not neutral, it will be detrimental because people will tend to vote for parties, presidential candidates, or legislative candidates based on ASN influence. People do not vote based on their own conscience. However, they choose politicians based on gratitude towards ASNs who have helped them, or feel embarrassed when their choices are different from those ASNs.

Therefore it is only natural that ASN is obliged to maintain its neutrality. Although this rule has only existed since the reform order, it must be obeyed. Civil servants today are not like before, which were ‘as long as you are happy’ and can be steered for the political interests of certain parties.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD stated that the neutrality of ASN in the 2024 Election is very important. This neutrality practice, said Mahfud, has become a good virus for the administration of government, both at the central and regional levels. Neutrality is the source of cells that improve their respective work environments in government.

In a sense, ASN neutrality will have a positive effect on the 2024 Election. A neutral ASN will keep secret who the presidential and legislative candidates it chooses, because they comply with the rules in the ASN Law. By maintaining neutrality, he can maintain the atmosphere so that the elections remain peaceful.

When ASN is neutral, people with other professions will choose their own presidential and legislative candidates. They are not affected by the ASN’s choice because it is a secret. ASNs maintain the principle of the General Election, namely LUBER (direct, public, free and secret).

Even though ASN must be neutral, it doesn’t mean they can’t vote during elections. They are still given the right to vote, because it is the right of every citizen over 17 years of age. This must be straightened out because neutrality does not mean losing one’s right to vote.

ASNs must maintain neutrality and restraint, especially when the campaign period begins. ASN may not campaign openly, both in the real world and in cyberspace. Even just commenting and giving ‘likes’ to the campaign content of certain candidates or presidential candidates is also not allowed. Civil servants comply with the rules and maintain neutrality, so that the 2024 election remains conducive.

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