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Supporting Plans to Establish a Security Post in Agandugume to Prevent KST Disruption in Papua


Pangdam XVII Cenderawasih will set up a security post in the Agandugume District area. This aims to be able to ensure that the distribution or distribution of logistical assistance can be completely safe in the hands of residents regardless of the existence of KST Papua.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) has never stopped caring for all members of the indigenous Papuan community (OAP), even under any circumstances and conditions. This was reflected when the people in Puncak Regency were experiencing a drought.

Knowing that there was a disaster, the Government immediately mobilized many elements to assist in the process of providing and distributing or distributing food and logistical assistance to all affected communities and even ensured that the assistance could be delivered safely and received by them.

Although in fact there were also several obstacles in the process of distributing the logistical assistance, such as the extreme cold weather, including the terrain there which was very difficult to reach directly so it required help from air transportation.

Then, the Regional Commander (Pangdam) XVII Cenderawasih, Major General of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (Mayjen TNI) Izak Pangemanan also confirmed that the Puncak Regency area, especially the Agandugume and Lambewi Districts, turned out to be crossing areas that were often passed by Separatist and Terrorist Groups (KST). ) so there is also its own risk there.

However, even though they are aware of this risk, the security forces in the country, consisting of joint personnel consisting of the TNI, the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), continue to prioritize and prioritize the interests of the people in Papua so that they can receive assistance. safely.

The current condition in the Agandugume District itself was immediately confirmed by the Military Commander that in the future his party would immediately deploy several soldiers and establish posts in the area. This is also because the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) will build a logistics warehouse around the Agandugume airport.

So that when the logistics warehouse has been built, of course it will also be very important to be able to ensure security and conduciveness in the area, including from any threats to the presence of Separatist and Terrorist Groups on Earth of Cenderawasih.

Many parties also really hope that airlines will serve flights to Agandugume so that the activities of all members of the indigenous Papuan community (OAP) in that area can be assisted. The airlines do not need to worry and fear any more security threats because security has been immediately strengthened there.

Moreover, because the incident in the form of a drought that occurred in Agandugume District and its surroundings is an annual disaster which often hits mountainous areas in Papua. Therefore, efforts to find a solution to the annual disaster were immediately carried out by the Government of Indonesia and all other parties.

With the construction of a logistics warehouse carried out by BNPB, of course, it is hoped that it will also be able to assist in dealing with similar natural disasters when it turns out that a similar natural disaster occurs again as a result of extreme weather so that residents’ crops die because they are dry and their food supplies become very depleted.

Meanwhile, so far it has turned out that the biggest obstacles in efforts to distribute food or logistical assistance from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the people of Puncak Regency, especially residents affected by the drought are transportation problems, extreme weather and also terrain that is difficult to reach.

The Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security (Menko Polhukam RI), Mahfud MD explained that only small planes could enter the Agandugume District. Even though it’s actually easy to get to Papua from the capital city of Jakarta, getting to the intended district is difficult.

This is because to be able to get in there, not only do you have to use a small plane because the runway is only 600 meters away, but it also really depends on the weather conditions that day. As for the weather itself, sometimes it can change suddenly. After the small plane landed, the aid also needed to be delivered directly to the residents’ villages, which were also very difficult because of the steep terrain.

All the obstacles and problems that occurred in the distribution of food or logistical aid from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to all drought-affected communities in Puncak, Agandugume and Lambewi Districts in fact did not dampen the enthusiasm of the security forces to distribute it. Including, how is the existence of KST Papua which is not a serious threat there because the Regional Military Commander wants to set up a security post to strictly maintain community security and guard the logistics warehouse that the BNPB is planning to build.

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