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Supporting Political Parties Intensify Outreach in West Sumatra, Confident Ganjar Pranowo Will Win 2024 Presidential Election


WEST SUMATERA — Evidence of the cohesiveness and solidity of all political parties supporting Ganjar Pranowo, continuing to intensify outreach activities in West Sumatra and believing that the presidential candidate they are carrying in the 2024 presidential election will definitely win.

One of the parties carrying the white-haired leader, Perindo continues to carry out internal consolidation and outreach to welcome the upcoming 2024 elections.

Ketum Perindo, Hary Tanoesoedibjo stated that there was consolidation and outreach to each region, one of which was West Sumatra Province by meeting all DPW officials there.

Apart from that, he also admitted that he was very ready to welcome Ganjar Pranowo’s victory.

“Readiness is relative, ready is ready but we are making it much more ready, that’s why I have consolidated visits to each region,” he said in Padang, West Sumatra, Tuesday 8/8/2023.

“Currently I am visiting four provinces, namely Lampung, South Sumatra, West Sumatra and North Sumatra. There is only one island of Java, I will finish it in Central Java this Tuesday,” added the Ketum Perindo.

According to him, the figure of Ganjar Pranowo is a young leader, energetic, populist, accomplished, experienced and a family man.

In carrying the Governor of Central Java as the 2024 presidential candidate, Hary Tanoe also asked all Perindo DPWs to cooperate with all other supporting parties.

“Complementing each other’s deficiencies, to smooth Ganjar win,” he concluded.

Optimism for Ganjar Pranowo’s victory also came from the Province of Bali, where I Wayan Koster as the Governor of the Island of the Gods admitted that the next step was to continue to focus on winning the PDI Perjuangan because his term of office would end.

Not half-hearted, in fact he is very optimistic that the 54-year-old leader’s victory will reach above 90 percent.

“The point is Bali is ‘metal’, totally red, and Ganjar in Bali must win above 90 percent, formerly Pak Jokowi won 92 percent. I hope Pak Ganjar can also reach the minimum target of 92 percent,” said Koster.

Support also comes from the Volunteer Network (Jarwo Center) throughout Indonesia which will hold the National Coordination Meeting.

Ketum Jarwo Center, Budi Maulyawan admitted that the priority target of the National Coordination Meeting was consolidation to continue to intensify the ‘One Million Posko’ movement program in order to ensure Ganjar could win in the 2024 Presidential Election.

The National Coordination Meeting will also formulate strategic recommendations to be given to the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate.

A number of other strategic agendas have also been prepared by the central leadership of the Jarwo Center in the National Coordination Meeting later, in order to win Ganjar Pranowo in a landslide. The priority remains to focus on the One Million Posko movement,” said Budi. “Two years ago, when no one proposed Ganjar to become president, we, the Combatants, already preceded it with a declaration to form the Jarwo Center for Ganjar President 2024. Then, following other elements of a similar declaration,” explained Budi.

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