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Terrorism Prevention Coordination Forum Invites All Parties to Realize Peaceful Elections


The Terrorism Prevention Coordination Forum invites all parties to jointly realize solid synergy in order to achieve the implementation of a democratic party and political contestation, the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) which is peaceful and free from the many negative narratives, especially by deliberately riding the SARA issue.

Indeed, in an effort to be able to prevent various understandings that are completely inconsistent with the basic foundation of the state philosophy, namely Pancasila and also how to apply the motto that was initiated by the founding fathers of the nation, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika which contains an invitation to remain united even in the midst of differences, then it will not be maximized if these efforts are only carried out by several parties or groups and institutions.

So, of course, this must be realized jointly by various other parties, including all elements of society in Indonesia for the sake of unity and unity within the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), where the people in it have very diverse backgrounds.

Even with the diversity that is owned by the people in the country, in fact it is a unique strength, which is not owned by other nations. It was not half-hearted, even because of the differences that were able to unite, this nation was able to expel the invaders and seize sovereignty to its own independence.

The existence of differences that are necessary and inherent in all elements of society in Indonesia should be able to be addressed with full tolerance and mutual respect for one another, and be able to live in harmony side by side in the midst of these differences.

Everything that smells of inviting national disunity and intolerance with the existence of differences that are necessary must be able to be fought and eliminated because when these thoughts still exist, of course this nation will not be able to grow and develop into a much more advanced country in the future. .

Moreover, when approaching the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation in the 2024 General Election (Election) which will soon be held in Indonesia, various challenges will usually arise, mainly those related to the potential for national disintegration.

Therefore, the Terrorism Prevention Coordination Forum (FKPT) in Central Sulawei Province (Sulteng) invites all community parties in the region to continue to uphold the entire process up to the stage of holding General Elections (Elections) in order to create a democratic party that is peaceful and can be enjoyed by all elements of the nation with full joy like a ‘party’.

In this regard, the Chairperson of the FKPT of Central Sulawesi Province, Muhd ​​Nur Sangadji, explained that holding peaceful elections is indeed the responsibility of all parties, therefore all parties must be able to work together well.

Furthermore, regarding what is the definition of Peace Election itself, namely the implementation of political contestation in the framework of circulating leadership in Indonesia every 5 (five) years which can take place without the spread of radicalism, terror, spread of fake news or hoaxes, politicization of ethnic groups, religion, race and inter-group (SARA) and also without the implementation of money politics practices.

It is very clear that if there is still a negative narrative that emphasizes SARA identity in the implementation of political contestation, this is a real act of intolerance which will also greatly affect the security situation and conditions to public order (kamtibmas) in the election itself.

Because when negative narratives continue to develop, especially if these narratives are covered with issues that are sensitive and offend SARA, then of course there will be great potential to create divisions within the community itself. Therefore, indeed all parties must be able to unite in order to be able to fight these various kinds of negative narratives.

Usually, ahead of the holding of elections in political years like today, a group of parties or certain people will suddenly appear who even deliberately continue to spread many negative narratives to undermine stability and peace in the country.

But when all parties can unite and join hands to prevent various kinds of possibilities for the emergence of terror and also efforts to spread intolerance and radical understanding in the momentum of the 2024 Election. Because with the involvement of all parties, a synergy will be built to be able to prevent the spread of radical understanding and the possibility there is terror. It cannot be denied that all parties and all elements of the nation have a very important role to be able to unite together in one goal, namely to create an event for the implementation of political contestation, namely the peaceful 2024 General Election (Pemilu).

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