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Thanks to the solidity of supporters, Ganjar Pranowo is increasingly focused on winning in West Sumatra


Thanks to the formation of a special team driven by all political parties (political parties) supporting and supporting Ganjar Pranowo, it has made it even more focused on being able to achieve victory in West Sumatra Province (West Sumatra).

There are two important things in order to achieve a winning target, especially in holding democratic parties and political contestation or the Presidential Election (Pilpres) in the upcoming 2024. Both of these are hard work with a mature strategy. Indeed, both must be able to run in a balanced and in tandem, because if only one aspect is carried out, then of course the results obtained will not be a very optimal result.

In this case, the efforts of the Presidential Candidate (Capres) carried by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) Ganjar Pranowo in winning the presidential election contest and obtaining a large number of votes in all regions in Indonesia, including the Province of West Sumatra (West Sumatra) are continuing. endeavored by various other parties who carry and support it.

At least, the target that has been set by the General Chair of the Indonesian Unity Party (Ketum Perindo) Hary Tanoesoedibjo is how they can get up to two digits of vote support in that region. Thus, he immediately emphasized to all his cadres that it was very important to work hard and implement the right strategy.

Discussing how the efforts to work hard and also the strategy carried out by Perindo in guarding and fully supporting the victory of Ganjar Pranowo as the future President of Indonesia, they have also formed a special team that will carry out a very massive movement.

Then, the formation of this special team was not only carried out by the party led by Hary Tanoesoedibjo, but also by the President of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Joko Widodo (Jokowi). He has also formed a Team of Seven which also has the task of being able to succeed in the victory of the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate.

With the formation of the Team of Seven which was directly drafted by the Head of State, according to the Ketum Perindo, this was clearly a signal or indication that could not be denied that President Jokowi had indeed made his choice for Ganjar Pranowo in the upcoming 2024 general election.

Meanwhile, it is also clear that support for the leader who is identical with white hair is increasingly widespread and becoming more and more in number. This recently came from the Indonesian Chinese Marga Social Association (PSMTI) which stated that the 54-year-old man had indeed succeeded in making various kinds of achievements during his leadership period as a Governor in Central Java Province (Central Java) to 2 (three) years. two) period.

Because of this extraordinary success, as well as the achievements that Ganjar Pranowo continues to score, it is no wonder why he has become a figure and leader who is highly idolized by various groups of Indonesian people, even from various backgrounds.

In this regard, Acting Chairman of PSMTI Central Java Teguh Kinarto explained several policy moves that had been successful and experienced full success by the Presidential Candidate from the PDI Perjuangan. One of them is the existence of innovation in public services by utilizing digital space such as e-government which has also been proven to be able to prevent corrupt practices.

It doesn’t end there, however, Ganjar Pranowo also continues to fully support the existence of services for all people very easily and cheaply with the availability of as many as 20 public service malls, which has even made Central Java Province the largest area with public service malls in the country.

Another achievement that was recorded by the Governor of Central Java during his tenure was that the province had the best percentage of completion of the recommendations of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) in Indonesia. The man who was born in Karanganyar Regency has also been successful in continuing to relieve Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) actors with the existence of super micro business loans which only charge very small interest, namely 3% (percent) per year or even much lower with interest. owned by the average bank with 5% (percent).

Other support that came to Ganjar Pranowo came from Fortress Volunteers Jokowi (Bejo) who had held hearings to discuss the strategy for winning the presidential candidate. It’s not half-hearted, they have even made a strong commitment to be able to collaborate in maximizing the votes of the nation’s future leaders in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Ganjar Pranowo’s winning focus, especially in the province of West Sumatra (West Sumatra) and in general in all regions in Indonesia, has been helped for many reasons, one of which is due to the full support and the formation of a special team that has been carried out by political parties (political parties). bearers and supporters.

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