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The 2024 Election Must Run Smoothly Without Division


By : Joanna Alexandra Putri )*

The 2024 election is only a few months away and preparations are continuing to be successful. The community and other parties are determined to maintain conduciveness so that the elections run smoothly. There should be no provocations that cause divisions and hinder the holding of the 2024 elections.

Elections (general elections) will be held in February 2024. To make elections successful and create peaceful and peaceful elections, all parties have an important role to play and collaborate with each other. The government invites all stakeholders in the election to strengthen the narrative of peaceful elections in society. Elections must not cause divisions and damage the life of the state.

The chairman of the DPR RI, Puan Maharani, stated that the DPR, through its duties and functions, will ensure that the people’s democratic party runs smoothly. Political civilization must continue to be built, creating a healthy democracy and holding elections in a dignified manner. The 2024 election will take place smoothly, honestly and fairly.

Puan continued, Elections are a means of democracy in order to realize a system of government that is people-sovereign. The government of the country formed through general elections is that which comes from the people, is run according to the will of the people and is devoted to the welfare of the people.

With the power of the state government that exudes the sovereignty of the people who have strong authority as a trustworthy government. A government formed through a general election will have strong legitimacy.

The DPR RI is optimistic that the 2024 Election will be successful because the preparations have been mature, both in terms of finance and scheduling. The year 2024 is a political year and there are 2 very important programs, namely the General Election and Pilkada (regional head election) simultaneously. The schedule has been made and determined and will certainly be adhered to by the KPU, Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Body) and election volunteers.

The community also supports the smooth running of elections because they are always orderly. Both during the campaign period until the election is over. They did not campaign prematurely because they understood that this was against the law. Then, the community also continues to support the smooth running of the election by voting on election day and inviting other people not to abstain (white group).

Meanwhile, the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) M. Tito Karnavian pushed for the success of the 2024 Simultaneous Elections and Local Elections. 

Tito continued, there are four indicators of the success of the 2024 General Election and the Simultaneous Regional Head Elections. First, it will take place safely and smoothly according to applicable regulations. Second, high voter turnout. Third, there is no conflict that can damage the unity and integrity of the nation, especially violent conflicts. Fourth, government continues to run smoothly, both at the central and regional levels.

In a sense, the election will run smoothly because it is in accordance with applicable regulations and everything (campaign, election day, and winner announcement day) is according to a predetermined schedule. The community obeys the rules and the Bawaslu also monitors the election seriously. If there is fraud, the public will immediately report it to the Bawaslu, then it will be forwarded to the authorities.

People must be active in elections and use their right to vote, because it will determine the direction of Indonesia in the future. They are strictly prohibited from abstaining because it will harm themselves.

Abstentions are not a solution to improve the fate of the nation. The reason is because if many people do not exercise their right to vote, then the future of Indonesia is at stake. There will be many empty ballots because the majority of people decide to abstain from voting because they are skeptical about the condition of the country, are jealous of the government, are angry with officials, etc.

Meanwhile, Banten community leader H. Buya Sujana Karis guaranteed that the 2024 general elections would be relatively safe, smooth, conducive, orderly and peaceful in order to support quality and quality democratic parties. Democratic Party is crucial for the next five years to elect leaders who can lead society to a more prosperous direction.

Therefore, the people of Banten can succeed in the election properly and elect candidates for leaders and representatives of the people according to their conscience. In Banten the situation is relatively safe because the people are close to and obey the ulema, who always call for order during elections.

Buya added, he hopes that the community will be more mature in the 2024 elections to support democracy that is honest and fair and loves peace without frictional conflicts between supporters. Likewise, they, the people’s representatives, can hold the mandate and set a good example to the community, if they lose, they still accept it sincerely. 

Communities can play a major role in creating peaceful elections. Elections are an event to choose leaders and candidates for new legislation. Do not make it a place of war or fierce hostilities because you are too supportive of a particular political party or presidential candidate. 

The 2024 election must run smoothly because this program is very important for the future of Indonesia. The community is working with KPU and Bawaslu to make elections peaceful and successful. Nothing should be provoked and cause division, because it has the potential to derail the election.

)* The author is a Jeka Media Institute Contributor       

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