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The Community Supports the TNI’s Combat Alert Operation to Face KST Papua


The TNI carried out a combat alert operation as an effort to crush the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). The operation was carried out because this separatist group was getting more and more brutal. KST victims continued to grow and the majority were civilians. Therefore, the combat alert operation is carried out for the safety of the Papuan people.

Separatist and terrorist groups are a problem in Papua and they are being hunted down so they don’t disturb the community. The reason is because KST’s behavior has gone beyond the limits by carrying out murders and various terrors that are detrimental to society.

In the context of eradicating KST, the TNI has conducted a combat alert operation. TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono stated that the operational status in Nduga, Papua Mountains, was upgraded to combat alert due to the KST attack. Yudo emphasized that the increase in operating status is needed at this time. From the start, law enforcement operations have been planned, namely by means of a soft approach. However, with conditions like this, especially in certain areas, the operation was changed to a combat alert.

Admiral Yudo continued, the increase in operational status was to improve the soldiers’ fighting instincts. However, humanist operations are still being carried out for all Papuan people. This was done so that the TNI and the community together maintain security.

As is well known, KST Papua has carried out an attack on TNI/Polri personnel who were carrying out evacuation efforts and searching for the Susi Air pilot on April 15 2023. The incident resulted in the deaths of four TNI/Polri personnel, namely First Class Miftahul Arifin, First Class Kurniawan, First Class Ibrahim, and Prada Syukra.

The community fully supports the combat alert operation. They believe that the TNI is a friend of the people and that this operation will not harm the Papuan people. However, the combat alert operation was actually carried out to protect residents in Cendrawasih Land from being hit by KST attacks.

The Papuan people support the TNI to continue combat alert operations in the context of eradicating KST. The reason is, KST has repeatedly carried out attacks and caused injuries and fatalities. There should be no further victims from civilians, so KST must be eradicated by means of a massive eradication operation.

KST continued to carry out attacks and resulted in injuries, even fatalities. Therefore, the TNI, assisted by the National Police, continues to be on standby in the context of eradicating KST. They are on alert for the security of Papuans.

Some time ago the TNI troops were added by 890 people. The increase in the number of TNI members was carried out to support combat alert operations and to succeed in eradicating KST. The community supports the TNI so that Papua is safe without any disturbance from terrible separatist groups.

In the press release of the Cartenz Damai Peace Task Force, it was stated that the joint team of TNI and Polri succeeded in mapping the hiding places of KST members. The location is not only in Intan Jaya, but also in Iwika, Mimika and other areas. With this mapping, the arrest will be more structured and it is predicted to be 100% successful.

TNI troops carrying out combat alert operations are supported by the Peaceful Cartenz Task Force which is a combination of the National Police and the TNI. They work together in eradicating KST and securing the entire region of Papua.

Meanwhile, Deputy V KSP (Presidential Staff Office) for Law, Security and Human Rights Jaleswari Pamodhowardani explained that KST was very brutal, therefore the apparatus had to act and thoroughly enforce the law on KST.

Jaleswari added that KST deserved to be arrested because they disturbed civil society. They also damaged public facilities and health facilities. Finally, KST had the heart to attack medical workers in Kiwirok and caused casualties, even though at that time they were on duty to check the health conditions of the people there. Therefore the arrest of KST by the authorities is fully supported.

In a sense, combat alert operations are supported by many parties. Including Mananwir Hengky Korwa, Head of the Biak Tribe of West Papua Province. Mananwir stated that KST brutality is not a native Papuan culture. The attack they carried out was an inhumane act, and injured Papuans, especially those living in Biak. Therefore he asked residents to support the TNI and Polri in the context of eradicating KST. The public is also asked to remain calm and not be affected by hoax news spread by KST.

In a sense, tribal chiefs in Papua are ashamed of the existence of KST, because it tarnishes the good name of the people of Cendrawasih Land. In fact, indigenous Papuans are good and KST are just people who act violently, and do not reflect the true nature of Papuans. The tribal chief requested that the TNI and Polri take firm action against KST because their actions are increasingly endangering Papuans, and he also supports the TNI’s combat alert operation.

Many parties support the combat alert operation carried out by the TNI, from politicians to tribal chiefs in Papua. KST has gone too far by killing many lives in Papua and disturbing the security of residents. Therefore, all Papuan people support the TNI in carrying out combat alert operations, in the context of eradicating KST.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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