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The Constitutional Court’s decision triggers public unrest and tarnishes democratic development


Jakarta- The decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) regarding the requirements for presidential and vice presidential candidates received various negative responses from the public. It is even feared that it will have a worse impact if significant preventive steps are not taken.

Observer of Strategic Issues, Prof. Ambassador Imron Cotan expressed the opinion that various elements of society throughout Indonesia have carried out movements in response to the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the requirements for presidential and vice presidential candidates. This was conveyed in the Moya Institute’s national webinar, October 17 2023, with the theme “MK: Fortress of the Constitution?”.

Previously, on October 16 2023, the Constitutional Court decided that regional heads or state officials could register themselves as presidential and vice presidential candidates even though they were not yet 40 years old.

“Juanda’s declaration is a sign that the public strongly rejects the Constitutional Court’s decision,” said Prof. Ambassador Imron Cotan

“Hundreds of figures from various circles and including those supporting President Joko Widodo united themselves to jointly reject and strongly condemn the decision which was deemed not in line with the spirit of reform and democracy,” continued Prof. Imron Cotan.

Meanwhile, in the same webinar, the Chair of the Setara Institute Management Board, Hendardi, assessed that the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the requirements for presidential and vice presidential candidates was the pinnacle of mistakes made by the Constitutional Court. MK has become a superbody institution capable of fighting any rules.

“The Constitutional Court is showing itself to be promoting constitutional crimes to accommodate political interests that are very contrary to the will of the people,” stressed Hendardi.

General Secretary of the Central Management / PP Muhammadiyah, Abdul Mut’i, emphasized that the Constitutional Court had openly tarnished Indonesian democracy, the foundations of which were laid by the founding fathers of the nation and were continuously refined in every dynamic of the Indonesian nation’s journey.

“The Constitutional Court’s decision sets a bad precedent in the history of the Indonesian nation, where democracy has been openly tarnished by state institutions mandated by the people as guardians of the spirit of the constitution,” said Abdul Mut’i.

Executive Director Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting / SMRC Sirojudin Abbas believes that the MK has also become a political agent for the electoral interests of certain parties and does not require in-depth analysis to prove this.

“The Constitutional Court’s decision should be concluded as being entrusted by certain groups by emasculating democracy,” said Sirojudin Abas.

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