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The Front Guard Society Keeps the Conduciveness of the 2024 Election


The community is the front guard to be able to maintain a conducive environment, especially in the run-up to the holding of the 2024 general election democratic party.

Participation or participation that is owned by the community in politics in a country , is with the activities of a person or group of people to participate and also be active in political life. One of them is by electing the leader of a country, namely by holding a democratic general election party (election), whether it is done directly or indirectly.

With the active participation of the community in the world of politics with the general election, it cannot be denied that the community itself actually has a role in determining the direction of government policy related to the regulations that will be enforced in the future.

Conventionally, activities that show the active participation of the public in politics are voting in general elections, attending general meetings, being a member of a party or interest group, holding approaches or relationships with government officials or members of parliament and so on .

Actually , community activity and participation in politics has a fairly broad meaning, but unfortunately so far it still seems to be interpreted in a narrow sense , meaning that there is an effort to mobilize society for momentary interests .

In fact, that is not the essence of public participation, but actually the ideal participation of the community is participating in determining government policies that will be implemented publicly, which is part of the community’s control over government policies.

One of the efforts to control society and also political participation in other forms is when all elements of society are able to continue to maintain and strive for conduciveness during all stages of the 2024 Election process.

In this regard , West Kutai District Secretary ( Secretary of Regency ) , Ayonius stated that ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections, his party continues to increase synergy with all elements to ensure that the region continues to be in a conducive state, so that democratic parties can run safely and in an orderly manner. .

Indeed, in order to be able to realize a really smooth running of elections without any disturbances, the Regency Government (Regency Government) simply cannot do it if they have to go it alone. Even including the election executors such as the General Election Commission (KPU) also still need assistance and synergy from all elements of society.

The synergy of all these elements can even be interpreted broadly, namely the participation of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) security forces with the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and also the District Government ( Pemkan ) and all other components of society.

Everyone is expected to be able to continue to strive for cool, safe and peaceful conditions and also always ensure that the implementation of elections can be held well and successfully. Not only that , but the West Kutai Regency Secretary also invites all community stakeholders to maintain their respective environments so that they remain in a conducive and peaceful state ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections.

With the existence of conducive environmental conditions and also full of peace and coolness and security, according to Ayonius , all of these things are a reflection of the harmonization of the life of a pluralistic society and also the maturity of society in the whole process of democracy in Indonesia.

On another occasion , the Coordinating Minister ( Menko ) for Politics, Law and Security ( Polhukam ), Mahfud MD stated that there is a great need to strengthen unity in the life of the nation and state in Indonesia, especially towards the continuation of the 2024 General Election democracy party .

He said that all elements of society should not play around and be easily taken in by the existence of hoax news that appears a lot on social media and can be a disturbance of social stability as well as being able to trigger problems in society . Therefore, for him it is very necessary to have a conceptual framework with a national perspective that must be implemented jointly by the community.

The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs explained that in the life of the nation and state, if the people within it are not orderly, it will be able to cause chaotic impacts, especially in the upcoming 2024 General Election. Therefore, according to him, there is a real need for a mental revolution from society . This mental revolution is a change in perspective, a way of analyzing, understanding and how to determine steps.

The General Election which will soon be held in Indonesia in 2024 has its own challenges. One of them is how to continue to strive to maintain the unity and unity of the nation intact. Therefore, a conducive environment and situation is very important, in which the community itself is at the forefront to continue to maintain this conduciveness .

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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