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The government continues to make efforts to free Susi Air pilots


KST Papua is still holding hostage a Susi Air pilot named Capt. Phillips Marthens. KST Papua spokesperson, Sebby Sambom, said he would not release Phillip Marthens until New Zealand and other countries took responsibility for sending weapons and training the TNI-Polri against Papuans.

On that basis, the pilot will be a guarantee for the United Nations, Europe, America and Australia to talk because those who sent war equipment to Indonesia, trained them to kill citizens for 60 years.

However, the joint forces did not remain silent and responded to this action by continuing to comb vulnerable points suspected of being hiding places for KST Papua. The public is optimistic that with the cooperation of the joint forces, the pilot will be quickly released and KST will soon surrender.

KST continued to act and carried out a series of acts of terror against the Papuan people. The TNI and Polri have negotiated to free Philip. However, these efforts have not yet produced results. This is because elements of the security apparatus consisting of the TNI, Polri and BIN apply strict procedural standards so that there are no casualties, including civilians.

Security forces continue to work hard to free Capt. Phillips. This is because the New Zealand pilot must be immediately released by KST, who has been spreading terror on the Earth of Cenderawasih. The government offered various efforts to immediately free the pilot, either through negotiations, using family channels, or even offering a ransom. However, the Government’s firm stance is that it will not negotiate regarding the status of Papua and independence.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri stated that his party would not negotiate regarding Papuan independence because the territory officially belongs to the Indonesian people.

Until now, security forces and the government are still trying to carry out negotiations through various parties. Various efforts are continuing to be made, especially negotiations with the KKB involving various parties, including religious leaders, the community, families and the Nduga Regional Government. Until now, negotiations are continuing and we hope that the group will release its hostages. His party also asked for cooperation with civilians to collaborate with security forces to provide important information regarding the development of the KST movement led by the Egianus Kogoya group. So, liberation efforts can be realized immediately in order to save the Susi Air pilot.

The joint Task Force (Satgas) of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri) and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) admitted that extreme weather and difficult terrain were the main factors hindering them in their efforts to carry out the liberation mission for Susi Air airline pilots. .

It is also known that the weather in Papua, especially the area where Capt. Philips often changes so it is difficult to predict.

Regarding this matter, Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri explained that the Separatist and Terrorist Group led by Egianus Kogoya deliberately continued to move their hostage location with the aim of making it difficult for security forces to track them.

Even though KST moved locations with the aim of deceiving and so that the security forces could not track the whereabouts of the separatist gang, it turns out that the sophistication of the authorities cannot be doubted. Moreover, the troops pursuing KST were not only from the TNI but also from the National Police and BIN. The public is also optimistic that KST’s arrest will be successful and the Susi Air pilot will soon be released.

The security forces were tireless in pursuing KST for the mission of freeing the Susi Air pilot, Capt. Phillips. Even though there was a threat from Egianus Kogoya, it was ignored, because it was only a threat and was not proven. Every effort was made, including negotiations by sending religious and community leaders, so that the pilot was quickly released.

People are optimistic that Philip Mehrtens will soon be found and returned to his country in New Zealand. The reason was because Egianus Kogoya’s position as a kidnapper had been detected. With the strategy of the joint TNI, Polri and BIN team, the public is optimistic that the pilot will be released soon.

Meanwhile, National Police Chief General Listyo S. Prabowo stated that the Cartenz Peace Operation team in Papua would be deployed to rescue the Susi Air pilot who was being held hostage by KST in Paro District, Nduga Regency, Papua.

General Listyo S. Prabowo continued, he is currently being searched for. The joint team from Cartenz Peace Operations is currently carrying out search operations. The results will be informed further.

In other words, the government did not remain silent when KST took the plane pilot hostage. Even though he is a foreign citizen, he still needs to be rescued, because the incident occurred in Indonesia. Safety must come first.

KST must take firm action so that it does not go around kidnapping and burning planes. Moreover, what was burned was a commercial plane, not owned by the government (a state-owned company) so it had absolutely nothing to do with the central government.

The Joint Team from Cartenz Peace Operations continues to search the Nduga area and its surroundings and they are determined to find the KST headquarters, which is suspected to be the hiding place for the victims. The search continues for Philip Mehrtens’ safe return.

When they later meet with KST, the authorities are allowed to take firm, measurable action. The reason was because they were terrorists who had the heart to burn the plane and kidnap the pilot cruelly, and threatened to take his life. Only with firm action can KST be eradicated and its crimes will not be repeated.

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