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The Government is Accelerating the Acceleration of Papua’s New Autonomous Region Infrastructure Development


Papua – Infrastructure development in the 4 new autonomous regions of Papua is being continuously intensified by the central government. As new provinces, the 4 new autonomous regions are required to have infrastructure that supports the lives of their people, such as roads, connecting roads between provinces, bridges, government buildings, etc. With the new infrastructure, the lives of the Papuan people will be better, especially their economy.

Currently Papua has 6 provinces namely Papua, West Papua, South Papua, Highlands Papua, Southwest Papua and South Papua. The addition of 4 new autonomous regions is highly appreciated by the people of Cendrawasih Land because thanks to the addition of provinces, Papua will be more advanced. The reason is because with the status of a new province there will be more development in the region.

The most important development is infrastructure because it will make the life of the Papuan people easier. With highways and inter-provincial connecting roads (which are strong and paved) it makes it easy for them to move. People no longer need to walk through tiring footpaths.

Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) M Tito Karnavian stated that thanks to the addition of 4 new autonomous regions, progress has been made in Papua. Development is carried out to overcome geographical problems in Papua. In a sense, the natural conditions on Earth of Cendrawasih are still mountains and hills, making it difficult for people’s mobility. With the Trans Papua road and other infrastructure, the geographical problem will be solved.

Minister of Home Affairs Tito continued, the addition of 4 new autonomous regions in Papua would accelerate development in Cendrawasih Earth. When there is a new province, it will overcome the imbalance between Papua and other regions, as in the past Irian Jaya (the old name for Papua) only joined Indonesia in 1969. He saw this inequality when he was still the Head of the Papua Regional Police in 2012-2014, therefore he wanted to eliminate it by dividing the area.

All Papuan people agree with the addition of the new autonomous region because it will automatically lead to massive infrastructure development. They really need it because they want their area to be more modern. The government wants to develop Papua so that there is equity throughout the country, not only in Java which has been touched by development, and Papua is also part of Indonesia which has the right to progress.

If there are new provinces in Papua, highways and infrastructure in the form of buildings will be built. Starting from the Governor’s Office, DPRD (Regional People’s Representative Council) Building, Health Center, and other buildings. All were built with APBD funds intended for the community.

Buildings with the status of public facilities such as health centers and general hospitals are urgently needed by the people of Papua because they need closer access to health. If someone has an accident or is seriously ill, it will be faster to get help. In addition, mothers can give birth safely and immediately receive help from a midwife, because the distance from their house to the hospital is closer.

Meanwhile, Ayub Faidiban, Chairman of the Association of Papuan Large Families, stated that the division of the new autonomous region was the key to accelerating development in Papua. With the addition of the new autonomous regions, it will trigger the development of infrastructure and human resources (HR) in Cendrawasih Earth.

In a sense, new infrastructure will be built in Papua for the advancement of the region. If there is a new province, a large-scale development will automatically be held. First of all, of course, what will be built is the highway, especially those leading to the provincial capital. Communities can enjoy smooth paved roads (not macadams) and can be passed by motorbikes.

If there are more paved roads in Papua, the better because it makes people’s mobility easier. This infrastructure is really needed because the people of Papua have had difficulty moving because the geographical conditions in Cendrawasih Land are too difficult to pass by motorized vehicles. However, if there is a highway, it will shorten travel time and save fuel.

Infrastructure in the form of roads is the main benefit of adding new autonomous regions and another function is to improve the economic conditions of residents. Ease of mobility is key because shipping merchandise is faster. In addition, these goods are sent via land, not by air, which is very expensive to send.

Other infrastructure built by the central government includes bridges, hospitals, health centers, schools, etc. With these infrastructures, the people of Papua will benefit because they can send their children to school in places that are closer and save on transportation costs. In addition, the Puskesmas is also urgently needed to eradicate malaria, DHF and other diseases that are endemic in Papua.

The government is currently intensifying development in Papua, especially its infrastructure, because it is really needed by the people. With infrastructure, their lives will be made easier and their mobility accelerated. Papua’s geographical problem, whose terrain is difficult, is also resolved, because there is already the Trans Papua Road and other infrastructure that makes it easier for residents to travel and do business.

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